Summer is finally here, and I know two little boys who are really excited about it.
First of all, this little guy is amazing.  Let's not even talk about how old he is and how he turns one this month.  That topic just might make me start to cry.  Instead, let's focus on how happy I am that it is warm outside and he is in shorts to show off his amazing thighs and short sleeve shirts to show off his squishy arms.  Love it.
Jax now believes life is complete.  This little man has to go outside to play every single day.  He is such a boy.  He doesn't walk around outside.  No, he RUNS.  He always finds something to climb on, swing on, or jump off.  I love this wild man.

As for me, I couldn't be happier about this weather.  I think that being a mom gets about six million times more fun in the summer.  I am so excited for all the fun things Jax, Ben, and I are going to do in the next few months!!  Bring on the Banana Boat!!!!!


Amy said...

your boys are too cute! i can't believe ben will be 1 this month. i'm glad you got to see sawyer in person. isn't he amazing? i just love him :) my sister-in-law said she loved the headbands you make and her birthday is on the 20th of this month... so... i need one :) i'll go back to your post with all of the headbands and pick one out, then let you know. keep having fun with your boys! i'm bummed i have to work all day :(

Lyssa said...

So fun! Just looking at those boys running around gets me tired! But totally worth it with those faces :)
I love the summer too. Things become alive again.

sarah said...

Nothing like summer and nothing like a nap after summer playing. Just got back from the park and snow coning it with Jack and the nieces,and speaking of banana boat...pass it my way...I think my skin immediately blistered from seeing the sun today.
Really...really...let's get together! Splash park, anyone?