Summer Fun Day 2

We have been having quite the week full of summer activities.
My boys are in heaven playing outside.  Chase had the day off today, and we went to the splash park.  This place is always going off!!  Luckily, I got to see a few friends while I was there. :)

It took Jax a good 20 minutes to warm up to touching the freezing cold water.  So, until then he and Chase were climbing on the cement.

Don't you think for one minute that Ben is too little to be going to the splash park.  Sure he was pretty much begging for a nap the whole time we were there, but he definitely made his appearance.
I just want everyone to know that, yes, I did buy Jax watersocks.  
I am aware that they are hideous.  However, running around at this splash park Jax has had some serious falls due to slipping.  So, there you go.  I am the mother of a watersocks man.
(But, he does look a little bit cute in them.)
There are a few things that must go to any outing with us.  Diapers, bottles,  snacks, and MUSTARD PRETZELS.  They really are pretty dang good.  Jax usually has to have a few in his hands at all times.
Jax is really excited to take this picture with me.  He is not much of a picture poser.
Ain't nothin' like some family fun!!!


Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Goldie! Are you not the cuttest mother ever! You look sooooooo good! How about that brown hair, I am diggin it!

This place looks like a dream, where is it? Probably provo/orem with those amazing mountain ranges! Anyways it looks like such a fun little family outing.

PS I am off to the store to get me some mustard pretzels....I totally forgot about those and I LOVE them. Thanks for the reminder!! Hallelujah

Lyssa said...

My girls loved that place last year.
I love that you guys are playing in the splash park with snow in the mountains behind you...that's UT for you.
When did you get brown hair?! I love it!

karyn said...

we can't wait to join you this summer! i love your hair too!

sarah said...

Splash park was definitely rockin' today! So glad I finally got to see you and your adorable boys. We need to go again!

you look darling. Love the hair!

Andrew and Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, love your brown hair! When did you do that? Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer so far. I need to take Cash to a pool asap! And that picture of Ben just chilling on the towel is so dang cute!

Austin & Andrea said...

whatever!! watersocks are awesome!! my kids will wear them too!!! Jax pulls it off for sure. How fun!!!! you guys are the cutest. PS - never head of splash park

Beck said...

First of all if I ever see your skinny A at the park again you will for sure get a serious beating for looking so dang good. I still cant get over how skinny you are. You look AMAZING!! And I am also a fan of the brown hair and watersocks.

Tim + Katie said...

I hate missing out on all your summer fun. As for the water socks, I can't wait to get Zac a pair. However, they are not allowed for anyone over 4. Tim tried to purchase some for himself the first year we were married because he stepped on something in the ocean and was so mad that he hurt his foot. I did not allow it.