Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best dad (and husband) ever!!!
You are the best snuggler.

You are the funnest friend these two boys have.
And, you are my favorite friend too.

Your arms are the most comfortable and comforting.
Hanging out with you is what these two boys would choose to do over anything.

You are such a proud daddy!

To the best dad in the world!!
Happy Father's Day babe.


goldie said...

And, did I mention he's HOT?!!

Heather Lee said...

those are some short shorts he's sporting in the swimming pool=) Or is that the affect of the water?

Loved the post about hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's...we did a lot of that too, a week ago=(

I will miss those pool days with you, wish I could rub those fuzzy little heads.

Still totally K.I.T. 4.U.R.G.R.8 Have a cool summer!