First Summer Swim

There are a lot of firsts that I love.  But, I have to admit the first swim of the summer tops A LOT of the others.  Today we went to the pool for the first time this summer, and it did not disappoint.

Obviously there is nothing like getting ready for the pool and eating a frozen gogurt.  
This lovely little lady, Holland, and her mom and dad (Heather and Steve) joined us.  Par-tay!!
This picture pretty much is Jax's day in a nutshell.  Last year the pool was pretty fun with him.  This year, he is in love.  He was jumping, well more like scooting, off the edge of the big pool and going in.  He loved every second of it!
These two brothers are the best of friends.  I keep telling them that every day so that it gets ingrained in their minds. :)
Just wondering, do you think Ben enjoyed himself at all?
Those legs are amazing.  They are just asking to be squished.
This little boy had the best day he's had all year.

Such a fun day!!  But, when Ben started nodding off while sitting in the kiddie pool I figured it was time to go home for naps.  I am so happy swimming season is here!!


Jeff and Brandi said...

Yahoo! Can't wait to join you! I need to get Dyl some floaties ASAP.

Lyssa said...

Oh fun! I wish we could have had a swim party when I was in town :(
But here's to more swim parties for you!!

Heather Lee said...

aaahaha! I started laughing out loud when I pictured Ben nodding off in the kiddie pool with his floaties on, that he hates.
Today could not have been more fun! Thanks for the invite. I wish we had more time=( Especially on the Zumba dance floor.