Carnie Time

We spent last night at the Strawberry Days Carnival.
It did not disappoint.
Jax thought he was in heaven and Chase and I just laughed the whole time watching how excited Jax was.
Ben thought watching these two come around on the ride was the coolest thing e.v.e.r.
He laughed and frantically waved!
So cute!!!
Ben had a great time...if he was being held and not sitting in the stroller.
Although Ben wasn't quite big enough for the giant slide, he sure did enjoy watching other people go down.
When he would spot Chase and Jax on a ride he was SO excited.
This was one of the three rides Jax would go on.  If it wasn't something he was totally strapped in he would climb out before the ride started.  We had to exit a few rides before they even started.  But, once it started he thought it was pretty cool.
He is the cutest.
This is what a family photo looks like when you have two baby boys 16 months apart.
Ben: "This is lame."
Me: "Fake a smile until holding these kids with a vice grip is over!"
Jax: "Get me down!!!  I can see the slide!!!"
Chase: "So ridiculous that we keep trying to take a picture with the whole family."

Oh well.....
Jax and I on the slide.
This was his FAVORITE!!  He seriously giggled the whole way down.
He did, however, have the hardest time ever waiting in line.
His patience is pretty much non-existent.

We sure did love us some carnie!!!


Crystal said...

Love your comments for the family picture! SO TRUE!! Looks like you had a blast!

Jobi Niu said...

We totally should have gone!! Would I survive it with 3 kids? ha ha. I was laughing at your comments with your "family picture" as well.. ha ha ha What a good lookin family you have!!

Victoria Renae said...

haha that looks so fun! You have such a gorgeous family Goldie!! :)