birthday celebrations

Birthday Celebrations started bright and early for little Ben.
Chase and I both just had to have our picture taken with the birthday boy.

We were up early getting ready because Ben had a bright and early doctor's appointment.
What mom makes the birthday boy get shots?!  Terrible, I know.
But, he is a healthy birthday boy!!
Weight 23 lbs (75th percentile)
Height 32 inches (90th percentile)
I love these three boys!!
Ben really enjoyed his new toys.
So did Jax.
For the first time they started fighting over toys.  It is actually kind of funny.
After they both try to grab it, Jax will just pick it up and walk away while Ben melts.
It is so sad!!
We spent the day celebrating with nannie, Amber, Roen, Milo and Chey.
Everyone enjoyed the pizza party!
How amazing is this picture of Jax and Milo?
The birthday boy himself.
These toypedos were a hit!
Later that night we went swimming.  
I had seen super cute pictures of cupcakes baked in ice cream cones and wanted to try it.
Mine turned out to be the ugliest things ever.
Sorry Ben.
This toy has caused the most 'fighting' between Jax and Ben.
They both want to play with it and do not want the other touching it while they are playing with it. :)

We hope you had a fun birthday Ben.
Love, love, love you!!


sarah said...

Ok...so other than Jack being a little midge...he and Ben are one in the same! They both seem like pretty chill kids. and I swear they have all the same toys! Love all the picts...especially the one of him in the bed looking so excited!! Looks like a great day....
See you at the splash park sometime...I'm sure of it!

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Goldie, I can't believe he is 1 already!!!! what the freak! How fun and cute is he? Sorry I missed your call we were out of town but I plan on calling back and catching up (work is crazy busy right now, but should slow down one of these days...)

PS- diggin the dark hair still. I love it!

Lou said...

Happy happy birthday Ben. What? One year alreay? Your SECOND child is one year? Stop the madness. He is so stinkin cute, and has the brightest smile in every picture.

One day I need to see you again.

Did you ever run the 1/2? We still need to talk about it.

Did I mention I saw big Kenny running the other day...it was only 109. He wasn't even sweating...

kennan said...

cyndi horrocks called and said you need to leave the park.

happy birthday benny.