big day just around the corner...

This week Ben turns ONE.
Oh. My. Gosh.
I can't believe it.
How in the world has a whole year passed?
We are buds.
And, I am sad.
Although his birthday isn't until Friday, I need to start thinking about it early.
That way, I will be a little more prepared.
I remember rocking Jax in the rocking chair the night before his first birthday totally bawling.
And, I have a feeling those tears just might be repeating themselves on Friday.
I don't know what it is, but the first birthday is sad to me.
The 'baby' days are coming to an end.
The little toddler (which is so so cute) is coming out.

My little Benny is almost one....
And, yes, I am sad...


Colby & Amanda said...

Me too Goldie:( I love toddler Kade but man oh man! baby Kade I will always miss!! good luck on Fri.

The Morales Family said...

I cant believe he is Turning One already! Crazy! He is so cute. And I like our dark hair!

Mark & Michelle said...

Okay, first off I think it's cute that you are sad about it. I'm sure I will be too. Next, your hair is soooo cute brown and your teeth are so beautifully white!!! Dang girl:) We DO need to get together and take the kids swimming. I don't have enough friends that are stay at home moms. Okay, I'm done. But call me 801-472-1114

Heather Lee said...

well I'm NOT sad that your hair is that color. I think it looks so cute!!! I would be sad too because Ben is looking 10 months older with that buzzzz.
Is it too early for tears? My baby is only 2 months but I feel like I have missed his entire "newborn" stage. My mo-in-law says that you don't get a newborn stage when they are born at 11 pounds=( But I'm forgetting that sweet newborn smell and I am NOT getting pregnant anytime soon to be reminded. Gotta find me some new born.