a night in

Sometimes it is so wonderful to just stay at home.
I love nights where Chase and I have nothing we need to do and can just play with our two cute, little kids.

This guy LOVES and I mean LOVES the tub.  My favorite thing to do is to say, "Ben, do you want to go get in the tub?"  He looks at me and crawls as fast as he can to my bathroom door and just sits and waits in front of it.  Then, when I turn on the water to the tub he starts to dance.  So cute!
Doesn't he look cute all nice and clean?  He is the happiest baby on the planet.
As for this little guy, he is getting so old!  I kind of hate it.  If you look in the bottom right corner of this picture you will see Jax's newest love - magformers.  Jax has an obsession with magnets.  Oh man.  If you have any in your house, he will find them.  The other day my mom stopped by and gave Jax this new toy.  He carries these things around with him.  The cutest part is he tries to find all the things the magnets will stick to.
This picture is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  This is obviously right as Ben got out of the tub.  That bum!!!  So cute.  As you can tell by his face, he is totally proud of it.
See how wonderful it is to have a night at home and just snuggle?  These two are buds.
We're buds too.
I love this picture!  It is so cute that my two little boys are having so much fun with their daddy.
Ain't nothin' like hanging out in your Mickey Mouse pajama pants.  The only thing that could have made this night any better for Jax would to have Mickey himself join us.
I gave Ben a cookie, and this is his reaction as the frosting touched his lips. MMMM...

I kinda like my family!


Steffani Dastrup said...

SUch a cute family Goldie! Your boys are seriously adorable! Gotta love those lazy nights in! :)

Lyssa said...

Nothing beats a night at home. Especially when the Dad comes home earlier than usual to play. I love all those cute pictures. You are definitely in your element! You have the cutest family :)

Heather Lee said...

aw that does look fun! And I'd have to agree, you have one cute family. I am glad that you got Jax some reasonably sized magnents so that he won't swallow the little ones and get a kink in his intestines=)

Jobi Niu said...

YOu do have the cutest lil family! How amazing are your boys?? THey're so so handsome. Their eyes are unreal. You and Chase look GREAT!

Austin & Andrea said...

so cute!!!! I always tell Austin how you guys are the cutest parents!

Tim + Katie said...

Oh, I love your two boys. Tell them "hi" from Zac, their long distance friend.