Chase's Graduation

Although Chase graduated in December, I insisted that he walk.  Graduating from college is a big deal, as far as I am concerned.
Chase graduated from UVU from the Woodbury School of Business with a degree in Business Management.
Not only is graduating from college a big deal, doing it while supporting a wife and two kids is pretty impressive!!!
ben. me. chase. jax.
Chase and his mom and dad.
If Chase's dad's arms look a little strange it is because under that sweater BOTH arms are casted.  He broke an elbow in one and a wrist in the other falling into their 12 feet deep EMPTY pool!!!!
(My parents were there too, but not quite sure where that picture disappeared to.  Sorry mom and dad.  We are glad  you came!)
Ahhhh....aren't I proud!!
Chase and Grandpa and Grandma Carlson - who drove all the way up from Price to support him.
Me and my little Benny.
Chase and Austin.
Chase's graduation was much more fun because he graduated with Johnny Christensen, Steve Farnsworth, and Austin and Andrea Ingrosol.
Chase shaking the hand of the dean.
I was pretty proud at this moment.
So proud I took 2!!!
andrea. austin. chase. johnny.
Jax playing on the bleachers.  By the time the graduation was over I was literally sweating from chasing this little man up and down the bleachers.  Wow.  Not the most enjoyable thing I have ever done.
And there they are - the Woodbury Business School class of 2010.
Way to go babe!!

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the dunns said...

Congrats Chase!!! Graduating is a big deal. Poor Scott, he graduated in December also, but we forgot about graduation until the night before and then it was too late. You are a good wife for doing a post about it.... I probably should too.

Park next week for sure, I will text you :)