Best Brother Buds

Jax and Ben are best friends.
Ben laughs his head off when Jax plays with him.  It is the cutest.
Jax pats Ben on the head when he passes by him.
It really makes me happy.
Here's Ben climbing in for a snack.
When you're hungry, you're hungry!!
Bath time together.
Kind of a freaky picture, but they are still amazing.
I kept telling Jax to look at me and smile. 
Finally, he looked up and gave me this courtesy smile.
Ben, on the other hand, was flashing this grin!
Ben is obsessed with feeding himself.
Ain't nothing better than peas!!


Lyssa said...

Oh seriously, your boys are so dang cute. Emma and Kate have the same relationship...on good days...but they are best friends. i love the feeling when they are happy together and nice to one another. Somehow, it helps me feel i'm doing something right!
I hope your party went well too!

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

How fun! Your place looks beautiful! I am diggin that bath tub, how fun for your two boys!

sarah said...

So adorable! Nothing cuter than brothers.
So sorry I didn't make it to your party...we had a complicated day/night...and I was so disappointed I couldn't make it work! We need to get together soon and I can have a private party!

Jobi Niu said...

Seriously how fun is it having 2 boys close together?? I love it. YOur boys are freaking ADORABLE!