mother's day

I usually struggle to find a wonderful Mother's Day gift.  
I usually end up giving my mom a shirt or sandals.
I decided this year I am going to make something.
So, I have been searching for fun ideas.  And, I have founds some wonderful stuff.
I thought I would share so you don't have to worry about finding a Mother's Day idea.

#1 and #2
Ruffles and Stuff and Made are having a month called Celebrating Mom.  Both blogs post something daily that you could give your mom for Mother's Day.  Most of the ideas are things you can make (with tutorials).  They are super cute!!!

I kinda want this rose cuff for myself.

Come to my sale Thursday, May 6th and get your mom some AWESOME accessories.  Like, probably the best out there. :)  hehe...I just had to throw in a shout out for myself.

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