A Day at the Park

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I can pretty much be found at the park every single day.
My sister, Amber, and I spent the other day at the park with our little boys.
I am so so so grateful for these sunny days!!
If you don't love this little man, I am not sure what you could possibly love!
This is Ben doing his favorite sound...oooooooooo!!!!!
What is the best thing about warm weather?
Ben's amazing, squishy arms are exposed!!! :)
While I was watching Jax play at the park I realized he is no longer a baby. 
He's getting so old.  Another little boy at the park was talking to Jax and was like, "Hey, kid!"
I might have shed a tear realizing the the "kid" he was talking to was my little baby!!!
This picture is pretty funny.  Sure it is cute that Ben is resting on Amber's leg, but more importantly it is a photo of Amber's third child - her Mt. Dew.  She goes nowhere without it.
Amber's little boy Milo.  Amazing.
Amber's other little boy, Roen.  However, Roen made it clear to everyone that he no longer wants to go by Roen.  He now wants to be called JAZZ.  So funny.  We were calling out Jazz all day laughing every single time.
My beautiful 2 year old baby...I mean kid.
Where did the last 2 years go?
Jazz (Roen) having a GREAT time.

Before we left to the park I got a few shots of Jax and Ben.
I hate to say it, but I think I might have the cutest kids in the world.


Janelle said...

Your boys are so darling!!! I love the goose egg on Jax's head! Daisy has a matching one right now! Miss you guys tons!

Andrew and Jenna said...

Seriously, your boys are so cute. I've been loving the park too lately... even though Cash can't exactly play on the toys yet!

Austin & Andrea said...

cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

Jazz... Amazing.

Ben and jax are the best things since the backstreet boys. And it looks like the ole AF park spruced up
their playground! Just admit it.. You were totally just scoping out jordan keith.