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a good week (and a VERY long read)

This week has been a good one.
A good week for both of my little kiddos.

For the last year and a half of his 2 year life, Jax has STRUGGLED with his ears (if you don't count him failing his hearing test at 3 days old).  I've had so many thoughts about what the deal was.  At one point, I even was convinced that this little guy was deaf.  His language development was struggling, ear infections were endless and thus, he got tubes.

I thought tubes were going to solve our issues 100%.  I thought he was going to be singing the alphabet and reciting poetry 24 hours after the tubes were placed.  I was wrong.  While ear infections were more controlled (not totally gone though), those stupid tubes kept getting plugged.  They are suppose to drain when they get infected.  Of course, his didn't.

So, he had more hearing tests.  He failed some.  He passed some.  Some were inconclusive.  I was starting to really get frustrated with his ears and his lack of talking.

Well, this week we have had a breakthrough!!!  It has been such a wonderful week for me.  Jax, of course, got an ear infection.  We used these prescription  ear drops, and HIS EARS DRAINED.  They drained and drained and drained.  They drained for days (and are actually still draining today).  It was like a years worth of infection and shall I say - crap - came gushing out.

So, what was the result of all this?  Babbling like nobody's business.  Chase and I were talking about his little ears and I was like, "Is this seriously the same kid as we had last week?"  He is talking so much.  It is insane.  I am SO SO SO happy for his draining ears!!  When you talk to him, his face and eyes are different now.  It is like he now knows you are talking to him.  I could not be happier!!!!!!

If I have had to worry about Jax so much why in the world would Ben be worry free?  My sweet, little, squishy Ben has really made me wish I went to medical school before I had babies!!

At about 2 months old Ben stopped pooing.  He would grunt like he was trying, but no luck.  He had the gassiest belly ever, and he was SO uncomfortable.  He would go over a week before going to the bathroom.  I talked to my doctor who told me some babies do that and it is normal.  I knew this was not normal.   

So, for the next 4 months while we were waiting to get into Primary Children's gastroenterologist, I would put a rectal thermometer in little Ben EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  This was the only way he would go to the bathroom.  How fun for me.  Poor little guy.

We finally got in to Primary Children's GI Clinic - it takes like 3-4 months to get an appointment!!!  Dr. Pohl, who I LOVED, checked Ben out.  Everything looked fine.  He had to get a barium enema so that we could have a little x-ray like picture of his insides.  Once again, everything looked fine.  So, we started him on some nasty, oily medicine, and I was told to eat zero milk products, which I hated (and sometimes cheated and snuck chocolate chips).

The medicine worked for about 3 weeks.  Then, Ben stopped pooing again.  Finally, Dr. Whiting (who I also LOVE) finally figured out the problem.  The solution was SIMPLE.  Ben's intestines are a little more angular than most other babies.  (Babies grow out of this as their bodies grow.)  So, it is hard to push stuff out.  

All this little boy needed was MiraLax.  He has been getting a healthy dose mixed in with baby food for the last 2 months.  It has changed his (and my) life.  All of my stress and doctor after doctor, and all he needed was MiraLax.

Finally, this week I have mastered his dosage.  Yes, it has taken me 2 months.  It is pretty hard to figure out how much someone needs.  Obviously height and weight play a big role, but so does individual severity.  Ben was blowing out of everything for a while - too much.  Then, he was having days between bowel movements - too little.  Now, he is pretty much going to the bathroom every single day - -and sometimes twice on a good day.