a few things I didn't sign up for, but still love

I've been a mom for 2 years and 19 days.
That is definitely not long enough to be giving any advice on the subject of motherhood.  
But, in my short time as a mom I have learned a thing or two.  

::You get use to getting peed on, spit up on, the smell of poo, and even having poo touch your hands::

::Playhouse Disney IS my friend::

::My shirt will no longer ever be clean.  It is okay to have snot, baby food, and remnants from dirty hands on my shirt::

::It's okay to feel like nap time is the best time of day::

::Medicine is my friend...and my kids' friend::

::Sunday is no longer a day of rest.  Fighting my kids through three hours of church often results in a harder workout than gym time::

::Days when I don't have to go anywhere are heaven sent::

::I can get more enjoyment from watching a Disney movie in the middle of the day with my two little boys than I ever thought possible::

::My kid's outfits don't always have to match::

::Chicken nuggets are are great lunch::

::Every child has their own time table to develop::

::Mother's intuition is REAL::

::It's okay not to shower some days::

::A runny nose doesn't ruin a kiss from my kids::

::A diaper bag can never have enough toys or snacks in it::

::Ear infections are of the devil::

::Playing at the park makes everyone happy::

What have YOU learned?


Lyssa said...

I have learned similar things as you...But some other ones i've learned is...
-it's okay to have the TV on majority of the day.
-it's okay to have the girl's dinner the same every night
-it's okay to be silly with your kids
-gain a sense of humor or else you are going to have a hard life
-it's okay to have your child not wear clothes all day
-it's okay to allow your child to help you clean...even though it takes twice as long...they actually like it!

K there are tons more but that's what I had in my mind.
And I too haven't been a mom for too long so I am no expert!

sarah said...

I know that the fact that you handle TWO little ones so amazingly shows that you are definitely more of an expert than I am!

How about... I've learned that eating a giant sugar cookie for breakfast this morning with 3 milk duds on the side is ok. Oh wait. That has nothing to do with kids...just me.

I'll give you the longest list you can imagine if you'll hang out with me to get it!!!! It's been too long!

Steffani Dastrup said...

Hey Goldie! Such a cute family you have! I love these things that you've learned! I think the thing I've learned that's stuck with me most is that time goes by way too fast, and you really have to enjoy each moment!

Esther Noelle said...

Amen to all you said! And your family always looks so cute and dressed so darling!
Sometimes things are about survival! Nap time IS the best time! :) Nothing melts my heart more than my son giving me a hug and saying, "I huv you mommy!"

Heather Lee said...

oh man, I'm not sure how I'll handle the energy of a little boy. I was actually just thinking on Sunday how "this is as close as I get to having a babysitter." As you know I have a hard time leaving Miss Holland with anyone but family, and so when she is in nursery for 2 full hours while I sit and listen, it's as much of a break as I get.
I still have to get over the fact that Holland's clothes (and my clothes for that matter) will never be perfect again. I constantly have oily Lip Gloss stains smeared all over my clothes from Holland's little hugs. And I have to get over it because I love the hugs more than I hate the stains. (if you don't know Holland always has about a tube of lip gloss smeared on her lips)