a few things I didn't sign up for, but still love

I've been a mom for 2 years and 19 days.
That is definitely not long enough to be giving any advice on the subject of motherhood.  
But, in my short time as a mom I have learned a thing or two.  

::You get use to getting peed on, spit up on, the smell of poo, and even having poo touch your hands::

::Playhouse Disney IS my friend::

::My shirt will no longer ever be clean.  It is okay to have snot, baby food, and remnants from dirty hands on my shirt::

::It's okay to feel like nap time is the best time of day::

::Medicine is my friend...and my kids' friend::

::Sunday is no longer a day of rest.  Fighting my kids through three hours of church often results in a harder workout than gym time::

::Days when I don't have to go anywhere are heaven sent::

::I can get more enjoyment from watching a Disney movie in the middle of the day with my two little boys than I ever thought possible::

::My kid's outfits don't always have to match::

::Chicken nuggets are are great lunch::

::Every child has their own time table to develop::

::Mother's intuition is REAL::

::It's okay not to shower some days::

::A runny nose doesn't ruin a kiss from my kids::

::A diaper bag can never have enough toys or snacks in it::

::Ear infections are of the devil::

::Playing at the park makes everyone happy::

What have YOU learned?


Happy Birthday Jax

This little sweetie turned 2 today!
Is there anywhere better to celebrate than at McDonalds?!
Yes, I realize that I was a bit ridiculous thinking that a 2 year old should have a friend birthday party, but it was wonderful. We all gathered at McDonalds for some nuggets, slides, and doughnuts.
Some 2 year olds totally get their birthday. Jax isn't quite there yet. It took quite a while for me to get him to open a gift. This Mr. Potato head from Kennan and Brooke was for sure a favorite.

Now, let's meet Jax's friends who so graciously attended his rockin' party:
His cousins Roen and Milo.
So cute. Roen was so excited to give Jax his gift..although he made it clear that deep down he wanted to keep it for himself. :)
My sweet moma - of course.
She wouldn't dream of missing his little party. She was Ben's designated snuggler for the party so that I could keep an eye on Jax. (However, at one point Jax was found back in the McDonald's kitchen. I obviously wasn't doing my job quite as well as I should have.)

Kennan holding Brooke's Poppy and little Ben. Ben was SO excited for his big brother's birthday party. :) We kinda think that Ben and Poppy look like they could be siblings. They have the same eyes.
One of Jax's best buddies Char.
I didn't get a picture of Jacque, but she was definitely part of the celebrating. Char is the sweetest, smartest 2 year old ever!!
Kennan, Brooke, Jude and Greta. Minie and Poppy were off sliding, but you better believe that my childhood besties were present.
My mom, Amber, Roen and Chey.

Heather and Holland. Holland has a total crush on Jax and is not afraid to show it. She was singing Happy Birthday to Jax all morning in anticipation for the party.
The birthday boy, Kelsey, and Olivia (and baby Harper in Kelsey's belly). Kelsey and I have been buds ever since we were singing "Heal the World" on my grandparent's swingsets. Olivia was giving Jax hugs any chance she got.
So, I really wanted Jax to wear this big birthday hat. He hated it! Haha I was trying to just get one picture of him in it so I could pretend he wore it. After a few tries he finally put his hand on his chin like, "Oh, mom..." and kept it on for the 2 seconds it took to snap a picture.

I love this little guy. He has completely changed my life. My entire days are dedicated to him and his little bro. It is the greatest. He is such a sweet boy.

Ben, me, and Jax
Regretfully, Chase had to work in the middle of the day - go figure. But, you better believe he will be present for the family party that will be going on tonight - stay tuned for more pictures.
Happy Birthday my little Jax!!!!
Love you!