Jackson Hole

Lask weekend we went with some friends to Jackson Hole.  It was a blast.  It was the first time Chase and I have ever left Jax.  He was a very good boy for his grandma.  Against my wishes, we had to bring Ben.  He loves nursing and REFUSES anything that even resembles a bottle - binky included.  So, he got to join us for the weekend.

He turned out to be a nightmare!!  We lwft Friday evening, and being the smart mom that I am, he got 4 shots Friday morning.  I am pretty sure that didn't help out much!  So, Chase and I ended up leaving a day early.  But, it was still quite the party.

Here we are playing "Nate's Game".  It was a HOOT!!!!
The whole crew eating dinner.  We got to witness quite the domestic dispute by the couple seated next to us.  It really added to the night's entertainment!!
Linzi, Jimmy, Austin, and Andrea
How amazing is the place we stayed?!  Thank you Mike and Julie!!
And, the wonderful host and hostess - Mike and Julie.  They were wonderful!  They got the place and did the grocery shopping.
Jimmy, Chase, and Austin snowmobiling

Such a wonderful weekend.  Next time there will absolutely be NO KIDS!!


Austin & Andrea said...

hahaha Ben wasn't THAT bad!! I guess I didn't really have to take care of him like you, but he wasn't bothersome to the rest of us AT ALL!!!! You are totally welcome to steal all the pictures that you want. Sorry though - it looks like the collages are a little too big for the space on your blog. I can e-mail you the individual ones if you want? I already started sending them to Julie so I can forward them to you too if you want? whichever! Lets hang out again soon - kids welcome :)

Heather Lee said...

oh no! Sorry to hear. I still think that a kid won't let himself starve...jk. We are supposed to fly out to Indiana to look at places to live, and I'm seriously considering sending Steve on his way and spending the weekend with Holland. I think the doctor forgot to cut the umbilical-cord.