Happy New Year!!!
Well, not only did we ring in the new year with some friends, we even stayed up late enough to do it - unlike last year.  We were boring last year.  But this year, we were drinkin' out of our tall glasses at midnight.

Jimmy and Linzi were kind enough to host everyone over at their adorable house.  Every time I go over there I pretty much covet Linzi's adorable decorating skills.  The night was a blast.  If you haven't played "What's Yours Like?"  I highly recommend it.   Sadly, our night ended early because Jax threw up all over Linzi's perfectly clean house...sorry Linzi!
Chase and I ringing in 2010.  Yeah baby!!

Andrea and Austin
Jimmy and Austin - you can tell this was SERIOUS business.
Julie and Mike
Linzi and Jimmy - our wonderful hosts.
Angie and Korey - the newlyweds!!  So cute.

*Thanks for the pictures Andrea! :)


Jeff and Brandi said...

Party! We had to leave our get together early too because of a grumpy child and of course throwing up...sadly that is on our agenda several times a day! So we need to hang out it has been too long. BTW...my hair, it is long and is going to be chopped off here shortly because I am going crazy with it! PS. I miss your face.

sarah said...

New Years with babies is totally a paaaartaaaay!
You look adorable....and we need to get together STAT!

Austin & Andrea said...

I think you and Chase look so cute in that picture - I love it!! That was such a fun night & bummer you guys had to leave early :( BUUUUUT we have a whole weekend of fun coming up - I heard you guys are coming???? YAY!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!