Christmas 2009

I am well aware that we are approaching February, but I thought it was still okay to post some Christmas pictures - seeing as I haven't yet.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day running from one family event to the next.  It was exhausting, but so wonderful to have both my family and Chase's family so close so we never had to miss any of the fun.
Our little family with Santa.  It seriously blows my mind that our "little" family isn't so little anymore!
Here I am telling Santa (Grandpa Carlson) all my Christmas wishes.
Jax wasn't really all that into opening gifts...even though I tried to force him to think it was cool.  At least he was excited about having new toys even if he couldn't have cared less about ripping open the paper.  And, how adorable is my little niece Charlotte?  I kinda wish she was mine!!
Ben was WAY less scared of Santa than Jax was.  This picture might make it look like he is frightened, but that was not the case.  He was totally content sitting on the lap of a strange looking man!
Jax and Char spent Christmas Eve doing the think they like best - jumping on Grandma and Grandpa's bed and watching Mickey Mouse.   Jax would have given up every one of his gifts just to watch an extra episode of Mickey!
Char, Jax, and Grandma and Grandpa Gunderson
These two are the best grandparents ever!
Here we are in our very festive Christmas pajamas.
I kinda think my family is cute! :)

Well, hope this late Christmas post gets you ready for next year's holiday season!!

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Austin & Andrea said...

such cute christmas pj picture! love it!!