7 months

Tomorrow this little guy is 7 months.
Oh, he is adorable!!

I was a little frightened to have 2 boys only 16 months apart.
I can't say that it hasn't been more work than I ever imagined, but it is SO worth it!
Little Ben is such a sweet baby.
I just want to squish him.

I can't believe it has already been 7 months.  Time flies...as soon as the pregnancy ends.
Life is so wonderful right now.

7 months stats:
height: 28 1/2 inches (95th percentile)
weight: 17 lbs. 2oz. (50th percentile)
head circumference: 43 1/2cm (25th percentile)


Ashlee said...

Goldie! It's Ashlee (from UVSC Education program)! I got your blog address off of your facebook!!! Your boys are SO CUTE! Your life reminds me a bit of mine, I have two boys, 18 months apart! It is a HANDFUL but so worth it! My youngest is 18 months, that second one grows up WAY TOO FAST!!! You have such a cute family!

the dunns said...

He looks so much like JAX, it is crazy!!!

Colby & Amanda said...

He is so stinkin cute.. time does fly... AFTER PREGNANCY! ha ha, so true

Austin & Andrea said...

such cute pictures of little ben!! it was so fun hanging out & chatting with you guys this weekend! we really did feel bad when we left that we stayed too long. hopefully you will have us over again haha :)

Rebecca said...

Hey Golden thanks for the comment. I can't believe your baby is going to be 7 months old. Last time I saw you, you were prego. Your boys are soo cute and you look fabulous too.

Konold's said...

I wanna know if he sleeps through the night???

karyn said...

what a cute little guy! i can't believe how fast time has gone by (post pregnancy)! oh how things have changed since our first year at shelley!