Ugly Sweater Party

Chase and I hosted this year's Ugly Sweater Christmas party. Everyone - minus Mike and Julie:) - was looking pretty ugly!!
The whole 'ugly' group
Heather and her adorable pregnant belly in her holiday formal wear, Steve, Chase, Ben, me and my broach
An action shot.
Thank you Jimmy for wearing those pants.
Steve taking a nap, Ashley, Anna, Julie, and Andrea
Could he get any cuter?
Jax didn't make it to the party.
He's a little too out of control. :)
Me and Ben.
I could only hold Ben on my left hip all night due to a very oversized Christmas broach.

See you all next year!
Happy Holidays.


Lyssa said...

ha ha ha!
I love your 10 lbs broach.
And I really love CHase's sweater. I love what people come up with these the parties!
And yes, Ben is delicious.

sarah said...

Oh yes. I did just zoom in on your broach.
I was tempted to ask if I could borrow it, but I think I saw like 18 people wearing that same sweater around Highland Elementary last week. That would be embarrassing!

Heather Lee said...

like i said, you are more than welcome to wear my Holiday Formal to church. Despite that it looks like I'm about to deliver in 2 days, it isn't maternity. So I'm not saying you're fat, I'm just saying you might have some serious pouches of fabric, but it's on the table.
We had a fun time! Thanks for the invite, and thank you thank you for that candid shot.

Colby & Amanda said...

I am so mad that Colby had to
work:( I wish we could have made it! your broach is amazing though... ha ha. Thanks for inviting us!

Peter & Darise said...

Man, you blew mine and Peter's sweaters out of the water! Way to committ! Great pics.