Ugly Sweater Party

Chase and I hosted this year's Ugly Sweater Christmas party. Everyone - minus Mike and Julie:) - was looking pretty ugly!!
The whole 'ugly' group
Heather and her adorable pregnant belly in her holiday formal wear, Steve, Chase, Ben, me and my broach
An action shot.
Thank you Jimmy for wearing those pants.
Steve taking a nap, Ashley, Anna, Julie, and Andrea
Could he get any cuter?
Jax didn't make it to the party.
He's a little too out of control. :)
Me and Ben.
I could only hold Ben on my left hip all night due to a very oversized Christmas broach.

See you all next year!
Happy Holidays.

5 GrandSONS

First things first, Ben is using the walker!!
Big boy!!
My mom and dad have 5 grandkids...and all 5 of those grandkids are BOYS!!
Katie's little boy Zac is the newest addition. He is so tiny. He makes Ben look HUGE!!
Jax, Milo (Amber's), Ben, and Zac (Katie's)

The whole crew
Roen - 3 (Amber's), Jax - 23 months, Milo - 14 months (Amber's), Ben - 6 months, Zac - 6 weeks (Katie's)

Ben...showing off his wingspan - and his topsiders! :)


Our Happy Place

This face is evidence that Jax has found his happy place!

There are some places that just make me happy.

Smart Cookie.

The airport.

The movie theatre.

The car wash.

But, to truly go to my happy place all we have to do is drive ten minutes and pay a mesely $3.20.

Kangaroo Zoo - I l.o.v.e. you!

This place is heaven on earth as far as Jax in concerned.

Chase isn't going to be a fan of this picture, but how amazing is Ben? He is the cutest, squishiest thing ever!!
Me and Jax
This picture made the whole trip worth it. I was DYING laughing after I saw this. Chase is obviously loving the slide...maybe more than every kid there. And yes, he did sneak on even though he exceeded the 150 pound weight limit.
Chase again...I promise we went for our kids' enjoyment and not just our own.
Climb, baby, climb!!
Jax has got MAD skillzzzzzzzzz!!!
It really is as big as it looks!
Jax and I having a blast.
We are best buds.

I enjoyed me some slide too!
See, I told you Jax played too!
He's so handsome!!
Obviously, I'm not biased at all.



Today was a BIG day.

Today Chase became a college graduate.

I am so so proud of him.  It has been a long road.
There have been a lot of late nights for both of us.  He's had late nights at school after a full day of work.  I've had long days of being alone with my kids until 9:00 at night.

We are both so happy that this day has come.

Really, I feel so proud of him.
He's the man!!!