It's official!  We've been SWINED...again!  Poor little Jax has the Swine Flu.  Chase had it in July.  Jax, Ben, and I were all lucky enough not to get it from Chase in July, but Jax picked it up somewhere this weekend.

Monday was a terrible day.  He fell asleep earlier than normal for his nap.  When he woke up he was just crying, SO hot, and wouldn't let me put him down.  I called and cancelled all my tutoring for the day.  I took him home, and he only got worse.  He puked and then just laid on my bed crying.

I tried FOREVER to get through to the nurse at the doctor's office.  I started calling the nurse at 2:30pm.  Finally, I talked to someone at 7:45pm.  I told them about the symptoms and they told me the after hours closed at 8:00pm.  So, I had 15 minutes to get Jax out to the car and drive 10 minutes to the doctor's office.

We made it in time.  They tested him for Swine Flu.  It was positive.  He had a temperature of 103.  We started him on Tamiflu as soon as we could.  It is the nastiest medicine ever.  The pharmacist told me that they haven't had time to really make a good liquid form of the medicine yet so, they just smash up the pills!!!  So sick!  Jax threw up twice after taking it.

Jax has been curled up, watching some of his favorite movies to rest.  The first day or so was terrible.

But after 24 hours of Tamiflu...he was back to his old self!!
He's even had some spare time to practice taking his own picture!!!
He's feeling SO much better now.  His fever is gone, and he is as happy as ever.  Once again, Ben and I were able to steer clear of being swined!!

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sarah said...

Goldie! Seriously! I can't believe your luck. You must have an immune system that's tough as nails...the swine knows better than to mess with your mug.
Thinking of you....hope you have a better week!
Oh, and darling Halloween costumes!