Happy Birthday Char!

My cute and SO very smart niece, Char, turned 2 on Saturday.  We love little Char!  Tigh and Jacque had everyone over for a fun little birthday party.  Jacque made us all a super yummy dinner, an adorable fondant cake, and some delicious cupcakes!!  It was a par-tay!!!
Jax, Ben, Me, Skye
Jacque, Char, and Tigh
Char, Chase, Jax
Me with Jax and Char.
I think these two look like they could be twins instead of cousins.
Char got SO SO excited when Jax showed up to her party.  It was so adorable.
Char got this absolutely amazing train set for her birthday.  Her and Jax (who kinda just tried to destroy it) were in heaven.

Happy Birthday little Miss Charlotte.

PS Why is the right side of all my pictures cut off?  Sorry to anyone who only has half a face!!


Jacque said...

You need to change the size of your picture when you upload them.
When you've selected the pictures you want to upload, before you click upload (ok, I've said 'upload' like 3 times...make that 4.) look for the size selection. They might be on 'LARGE' and it could be too big for the format of your blogger template you have. Try selecting 'Medium' and then click upload. If that doesn't make it better, come on over and we'll play around with it a little!
Thanks for the birthday shout-out to Char! She absolutely had a blast. once Jax walked in, she was absolutely thrilled. I love that she loves him so much.
I have a darling picture of her in the outfit you guys gave her and she LOVES the books!
Thanks so much for celebrating with us! I'm so happy we're family!

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

okay! sexy momma in the cheetah! You look soooo good! You have always been one of the most photogenic person to ever walk through the doors of LPHS! and Jax and Ben are so stinkin cute!

Mark & Michelle said...

Goldie, you look awesome! I loved your comment, your boys might just be good enough for her. They'd make some cute kids anyway. :)