GI Doctor's Orders

Yesterday Ben had an appointment with Primary Children's gastroenterologist Dr. Pohl.
I made this appointment about 6 weeks ago.  
I've been a little nervous for this appointment for the last 6 weeks.
Ever since Ben was about a month old he stopped having bowel movements.  He NEVER went.  Literally, never.  After talking with the pediatrician, we tried everything - suppositories, prune juice, rectal thermometers, apple juice, and even a little baby massage.  

For the last 3 months I have been using a rectal thermometer to make Ben go to the bathroom.  I have literally watched and caused every bowel movement Ben has had in the last 3 months.  Great job, I know. :)

So, yesterday was a much anticipated day.  I was a little nervous though.  It does seem like somewhat of a big deal to never go to the bathroom.  Dr. Pohl was WONDERFUL!  After an exam Ben was sent to get an x-ray.  The poor little guy had to also get an enema during the x-ray.  He did SO well.  He didn't cry at all.  It was so sad to see my tiny little baby on the x-ray table.

Luckily, his anatomy looks perfect.  I was SO relieved.  So, he is now on a HEAVY, HEAVY dose of prescription stool softener.  It is a thick syrup that he totally hates, but hopefully it helps.

After having the enema and his new medicine yesterday, he went nuts.  He has never had a blowout in his life - obviously, if he isn't going to the bathroom.  Yesterday was a different story.  He had to have multiple wardrobe changes.  He went through

Not one,
Not two,
Not three,
Not four, 
But FIVE outfits!!

I was shocked!  I was so unprepared for that because it is so not like him.

In addition to the stool softener, Ben was showing symptoms of cow's milk allergy.  Apparently when you are breastfeeding cow's milk has some protein that stays in breastmilk and can cause some problems for the baby.  So, I am no longer allowed to have any cow's milk of any kind.  No dairy at all.

At first it didn't sound too difficult, but I don't think I realized how much food is prepared with butter!  I didn't think I ate much butter, but it seems that so much has butter in it.  So, no milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, chocolate :(,  no dairy period.

I am pretty sure Dr. Pohl put me on a diet! :)  Which, I think, is pretty sweet - doctor's orders not to eat fattening foods.  Talk about a motivator.

Hopefully Ben will be cured soon.  His doctor said that he would most likely be on the stool softener until he was at least 1.  But, if that and a milk allergy is all this little problem is, I'll take it.

He's a dream boat!


sarah said...

Oh, Primary Children's! I so love and so hate that place. We were just there too, for a post-surgery checkup with Jack...should've met up at the ol' Rainbow Cafe!
So glad to hear there's not anything seriously wrong! What great news! Not so great of news, however, that you got the "x" on chocolate...I might die.
I think Jack and Ben need to play soon. Jack has that same outfit...they can be tweeners!

the dunns said...

Oh my gosh Goldie, I didn't know ben was having such a rough time. You are a saint, it seems that you have had so much stuff happen with your kids in the short 20 months that you have had them. I am going to predict that from here on out it will be smooth sailing.... at least you can hope. I was also wondering how you did so good keeping ben from catching the swine flu from jax? I had the hardest time with dakota and bridger.

PJ and Julie said...

I did the whole no dairy thing and this vegan butter called smart balance saved my life! Toast, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, rice krispie treats, etc. And I also used Rice milk for lots of cooking and cereal. I'm happy to hear that nothing serious is going on with Ben's tummy!!

Lyssa said...

Definitely a dream boat. He's so stinkin' cute!
I had a friend who's son was also sensative to cow's milk or dairy so she couldn't eat it...she lost SO much weight SO fast. So that's awesome. I kind of wish my kids would have that reaction so I would be forced to not eat my favorite fattening foods. But what is left to eat? I did learn that Oreo's are dairy free so have at it ;)

Jobi Niu said...

I'm so glad ya figured out the problem. Poor lil guy.. His tummy probably feels SO MUCH better now!! Lil cutie..
That diet will be tough expecially over the holidays!! :] The stuff we sacrifice for our sweet kids huh??

Janelle said...

Woo-hoo!!! I love solutions! Ben can poo! I know it's been a stress of your for a while so yeah!! We miss and love you guys!

Peter & Darise said...

Oh Goldie, that's too bad. I'm glad everything looks as it should though and he's getting help for his little problem. Hopefully he'll be cured of it in no time and you won't have to go through so many outfit changes. :)