A Little Taste of Family Pictures

My dear friend Brooke did such an awesome job with these family pictures!!  If you need a photographer you need to visit oliverminiej.blogspot.com STAT!!

I can't believe I am the girl with TWO kids.  For some reason it still seems surreal to me.  And, family pictures are quite difficult with little kids - that is for sure.

Beau, Chase, Kent, Tigh, Drew, Paul
Jana, Ben, Char, Jax, Kent
Me, Jax, Drew, Chase, Ben, Kent, Jana, Tigh, Char, Jacaue, Beau, Paul, Skye


sarah said...

Beautiful! The whole family looks great! And your little family, of course, is absolutely darling! 2 kids and still looks amazing...why am I not surprised?!

Austin and Andrea said...

Those look so good! Brooke is amazing, and you my friend - look amazing in those pictures! What a cute family of FOUR you have he he :)

Jobi Niu said...

What a good lookin family!! Brooke did an amazing job, wow! Goldie, you look great! GEEZ.I love the colors and the outfits everyone is wearing..