Just Because...

I LOVE these three!!
Jax and Grandma Jana snuggling to Fox and the Hound.  This might just be Jax's favorite movie as of late.
I know I am cut out of this picture a little...which is just fine.  But, please check out the line of hair missing from the middle of Ben's head.  Poor guy!!  This goes ALL the way around his head!


Amy said...

jax all the sudden looks so old and grown up to me! i just had to tell you that you were in my dream a few nights ago. i was going to a hip-hop class and it was so crowded i had a hard time finding a spot to fit in. we were all waiting for the teacher and i was stressed i hadn't paid for the class yet (you know how weird dreams are... anyway,) and guess who walked in the door with a boombox and gangsta clothes ready to teach the hip-hop class. Yes, it was you. Sad that the dream didn't go into any of the dancing, just me being stressed about finding a spot on the floor and paying for the class. i wish so bad the dream would have gone a different direction so i could have told you what moves you were teachin me, but sadly it didn't. anyways, i had to tell you. i think it's because i was looking at your fam pics earlier that day or something (which i love by the way) and it could have to do with the fact that my dreams have been really weird, vivid, crazy and SO real-like since i've been pregnant.

Jathan & Merm said...

Wow your kiddos are getting so big. Weird the way that works. Ben is so cute and smiley and I just love his man hands and feet. That is how Troop is. He has super long fingers and super long toes. So how is it having two? Are you getting adjusted? Hmmmm maybe we should all get together for lunch again. Haven't done that in a while.