I turn my back for 5 seconds...

And mischief happens!!

I got the tub water ready for Ben yesterday morning.  I quickly walked into my bedroom to get a naked little Ben off my bed to be put in the tub.  The walk from the bathroom to my bedroom and back could not have taken any more than ten seconds.  This is what I found upon my return.

Who cares if you are still fully dressed?  If you want in the tub, hop in!
I turn my back for 5 seconds...

And this little man is 4 months old!  I can't believe it.  At his 4 month check-up he was 15 1/2 pounds (63%) and is 93% in height!  He's my tall, skinny, old little baby!!
I turn my back for 5 seconds...

And this evil, malicious, teeth gritting boy...
Tries to attack his little bro!!!


Just Because...

I LOVE these three!!
Jax and Grandma Jana snuggling to Fox and the Hound.  This might just be Jax's favorite movie as of late.
I know I am cut out of this picture a little...which is just fine.  But, please check out the line of hair missing from the middle of Ben's head.  Poor guy!!  This goes ALL the way around his head!


15 Weeks

15 weeks ago this little gem entered my life.
He is so smiley these days.  I can't believe I have had this little guy for that long.  
I love, love, love him.
I just want to snuggle him all day long.
Aren't these two so adorable?  I love them.
Ben is such a little guy with MAN hands and feet.
P.S. Chase is a Tom Brady look-a-like.
My little brown haired baby is losing his hair...just around the bottom of his head.  Chase tells me that it looks likes I gave him a bowl cut.  It looks even funnier because where it is growing in it is coming in blond.

He is a dream come true.


A Little Taste of Family Pictures

My dear friend Brooke did such an awesome job with these family pictures!!  If you need a photographer you need to visit oliverminiej.blogspot.com STAT!!

I can't believe I am the girl with TWO kids.  For some reason it still seems surreal to me.  And, family pictures are quite difficult with little kids - that is for sure.

Beau, Chase, Kent, Tigh, Drew, Paul
Jana, Ben, Char, Jax, Kent
Me, Jax, Drew, Chase, Ben, Kent, Jana, Tigh, Char, Jacaue, Beau, Paul, Skye