A Tribute to Summer

Our warm summer days playing outside are quickly coming to an end.
The new splash park has given many hours of fun to Jax.
I am a little nervous for winter.  I am not sure how I am going to entertain Jax.
Ben is getting so big!!
This is usually where Jax is found at the Splash Park.  He gets in the water a little bit.  Most of the time he entertains himself climbing all over the cement benches.
Today Jax spent more time in the water than he ever has.  How sad that he finally started liking the water when today was probably our last visit to the Splash Park for the year.
If there is one thing Jax likes it is a big gulp of water...no matter where the water comes from.  And please enjoy Milo's  tank top.
Ben is proof that the camera definitely adds ten pounds!!
My mom and Nick even joined in on today's fun (As did Amber, Roen, and Milo who are not pictured).  Nick rode his bike up - which explains the spandex.
There are not many places Jax goes without his Crocs.
Milo was LOVING the water!

Goodbye summer.  You will be SO missed.

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Kelsey said...

That splash park looks so fun! I never even visited it this summer! There's always next year right? Summer will definitely be missed, as will Milo's tank and Nick's spandex! By the way, how cute is Ben (even if the camera did add 10 lbs.)?