Rise and shout the cougars are out!!!

There is something about the air starting to smell like fall and going to BYU Football games.
We just might be fanatics...
Ummm, excuse me.  This is the cutest picture of Chase.  Why is it cutting him off?!  I struggle with blogger photos.  But trust me, he looks so very cute.
Tigh and Jacque - what a cute picture!  They are equally fanatical.
Paul and Drew - we've all convinced our Arizona Paul to be a BYU fan.  And as for Drew, he was singing the BYU fight song in the womb!!
Me, Tigh, and Jacque.


Renae said...

Justin and I were just saying how fun it would be to come up and go to a game w/ all of you. (I think we were watching ASU lose...again while said conversation was going on :)

Jordan said...

I love BYU games! I also miss hanging out with you guys... Your two little boys are getting so much bigger! I can't believe it! Let's get together soon.

P.S. I believe I know what is wrong with your pictures... If you call me I can tell you how to fix it!


kennan said...

excuse me karen..... you are your mom squared and its a good thing.