This little guy...

is ONE MONTH old!

I can't believe that Ben has already been here for a month!  If you would have asked me two weeks ago how it was going, I would have maybe told you that the last few weeks had been hell, but thankfully I can now say that life as a family of 4 is wonderful!

When Chase got Swine Flu about 2 weeks ago, things got a little hectic for me.  I had to pack up both of my little boys, myself, and about 9 bags of diapers, clothes, bottles, toys, etc. and go stay at my parents for a week.  The first day we were there I realized Ben had thrush.  He had also, through nursing, passed it along to me which made nursing MISERABLE!  Although I got lots of help from my mom, it was still really hard not being in my own place and Jax not having his own bed.  Finally, we came home.  

The next day Jax seemed to be on his death bed.  I took him to the doctor who said that he for sure had Swine Flu.  He didn't have me take him to the hospital for the official test because he said it wasn't all that accurate and was painful.  But, he said that since Chase had just had it and with all Jax's symptoms he was pretty much 100% that it was Swine Flu.  Then, the doctor gave me the terrible news that Ben needed to be isolated from Jax.  They were much more worried about Ben getting it than Jax.

Chase obviously had to continue going to work so, I had to be with my poor little sick Jax.  We couldn't send him away to get others sick so, I had to send Ben to Chase's parents house so he wouldn't get sick.  It was terrible!  I bawled the whole drive over there, when I dropped him off, and the whole time I drove back home.  I couldn't believe that I had to leave my little 2 week old!  Also, I am nursing him, and he had never had a bottle in his whole life.  I hadn't had any advance notice to pump milk so, I dropped the little guy off with a bottle and can of formula hoping he'd take it.

Chase's mom did such a wonderful job with Ben and letting me know how he was doing all day long so that I wasn't too sad.  Jax woke up every hour that night.  But, in the morning he was 100% fine.  No fever.  No congestion.  No throwing up.  Happy as can be.  As the morning went on I was so confused how he could be feeling so good already.  I called the doctor and explained.  They told me that there is no way it was Swine Flu then because symptoms do not go away that fast...as I knew since Chase was on his death bed for a week and then SO weak for the next 5-7 days.  That night, Chase and I went to pick up Ben.

Now, Jax is sleeping through the night, Ben no longer has thrush, Chase has fully recovered from that blasted Swine Flu, and I am feeling SO MUCH more relieved than a few weeks ago!  It has been a little bit of a rough start for little Ben.  But, now that the dark sickness cloud that was hanging over us has left, things are great!  

Ben is the sweetest little baby.  Finding out I was pregnant with him was quite the surprise, and not just because I was already 18 weeks along!!  But, I am so grateful that I have him - even being so close to Jax.  I think him and Jax are going to have so much fun playing together in the years to come.  Ben is SO tolerant.  Jax loves to hug him.  Jax doesn't exactly understand the meaning of being soft yet, but Ben just takes it like he wants to be friends and will suffer through a little roughness if he has to.

I am so happy that as the month has progressed things have gotten better.  Let's just hope this goodness continues for the months to come.


The Morales Family said...

Goldie he is so cute! I am glad everything is good now!

kennan said...

serisously..... no one can handle such craziness. the good news is that i saw you 2x during that time period and you never would have known you were struggling.

i hope all is well and cant contiunes to go well. if you ever need anything you know where to call. love your guts.

Jobi Niu said...

OH MY GOSH! What a nightmare. I'm SOOO SORRY. I'm glad you're all doing better now. How freaking adorable is Ben?? WOW. Those pics are unreal

The Sundstrom's said...

He is so cute. I hope things get easier for you! I need your number so I can call you when we all go take the munchkins to play. It would be so fun to get to hang with you.

stephanie said...

Your little guy is so cute! Im glad everyone is better and I hope it stays that way for a while.