Jax's Newest Loves

Poor little Jax has realized that there is now another baby in the house.  He is actually doing really well and doesn't seem too sad.  For the most part he just ignores Ben, giving him an occasional kiss, hug, and even one hit right in the face.  He has for sure made a transition from being a true mama's boy to being a daddy's boy.

Jax, however, has been doing his best to try and claim some of Ben's stuff.

Jax trying to squeeze into Ben's car seat.

Jax gathered a bunch of his toys and put them, and himself, in Ben's Moses basket.

Once again, Jax is trying to claim this Moses basket for himself.

And, yet again.


Jax's second new love is TV - specifically Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We have to DVR the episodes!  He will walk up to the TV and point the remote until it is turned on.  I have to leave my house often just so Jax isn't watching TV all day long.  I know that little kids watch cartoons, but I have been feeling guilty letting him watch TV so much.  But, he absolutely LOVES it...and I need a babysitter while I am nursing.  Terrible, I know.

Jax's favorite spot.

This new love is doing NOTHING for his posture!


Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

Minie lives for playhouse Disney.

Loves for it!

The Sundstrom's said...

Thank Goodness for Mickey! We love him at our house too. Congrats on the new babe. He is adorable.