Happy Anniversary!

Today Chase and I celebrate being married for 3 years!  Yahoo!!

In 3 years 

we have had 2 kids....wow...

and we have become best of friends!

I seriously can't believe that we have been married for 3 years!  But, at the same time when I think about it, it feels like I have been with Chase forever.  We are seriously the most perfect match.  (Don't gag.)  Everything he is not, I am.  Everything I am not, he is.  My weaknesses are his strengths.  His weaknesses are my strengths.  I feel so lucky that I ended up with him.

I can remember every detail of this day 3 years ago.  I remember getting ready, waiting for Chase to come pick me up to go to the temple, getting to the temple late, and looking at Chase across the alter.  But, the thing I remember most is how HUGE of a smile Chase had the whole day.  Every time he looked at me his face was totally lit up.  I remember seeing how happy he was and knowing that no one had ever loved me more.

At our luncheon I remember my dad talking and telling Chase how happy he was that I found him because it was so obvious how much he loved me and that you could tell how much he loved me just by seeing him look at me.  I am so lucky!  

I feel like I am married to the most wonderful person in the world.  He is perfect.  Really.  He has every quality someone could ever wish their spouse to have - and he is HOT on top of it all!!!

The last 3 years have been wonderful ~ even with their ups and downs.  All I know is that we better not have two more kids in the next three years!!


Kelsey said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Wow, 3 years sure has flown by. I'm glad you have Chase too! It's fun having him in the fam. Congrats.

Mark & Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! This was a cute post.