Baby Ben

Okay, it is time to tell you all Ben is finally here...and has been for 8 whole days!!  I have been wanting to share his cuteness with the whole world, but my stupid computer is struggling to add pictures to my posts.  (Any technical advice is welcome.)  And, who wants to hear about a newborn if they can't catch a glimpse of how adorable they are?  Well, I figured I'd post anyway.  But, I WILL figure out this picture thing shortly.  But trust me - he is worth the wait!

I was scheduled to be induced Wednesday, June 24.  But due to some huge baby boom, they were too full to induce me.  When the hospital called me with that news it took everything in me to hold back the uncomfortable, highly emotional, 9-months pregnant tears.  But, lucky for me, I went into labor myself that night.  The hospital then didn't have a choice!! 

Ben was born at 2:58am Thursday, June 25.  My contractions were MURDER for about an hour because the hospital didn't really want to keep me.  They didn't have one, single room available in mother/baby and were trying to keep any "fakers" out of the hospital.  So, they made me suffer in an evaluation room for an hour.  I was pretty much the screaming/crying girl on the movies and called a nurse to save me after only 30 minutes.  Poor Chase just sweetly held my hand and looked at me not really knowing what to do to help.  He was so sweet.  I had progressed enough in 30 minutes for them to believe me and let me stay.  Thank goodness!!

I got an epidural just in the nick of time because the anesthesiologist was called in the middle of my epidural to go to a C-section.  He finished me, thankfully, and left another poor girl in labor waiting for him to go and do a C-section first!!!  Poor girl!!  Lucky me!!!!!!

After I was fully medicated (thank goodness) it was a breeze!  It went so fast.  After literally 2 pushes Ben was here. 7 pounds 8 ounces.  He is absolutely perfect.  He somehow has a full head of dark brown hair and tan skin.  I was shocked!  Since Jax is so pale and has white hair, Chase and I were a little confused that this little dark baby was ours!

He is so tiny, precious, and TIRED!  I forgot how much newborns sleep.  But, please stay tuned for pictures.  He might be tied (with Jax of course) for the cutest baby ever! 


Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

Well I am just waiting my life away for pics of this little Navajo.

Seriously... I check your blog like 10 times aday. It's getting to be ridic.

Also.., not that you are up to going anywhere but I tried to send you and jax and Ben an invite to minie's party tommorow. I have no idea if it was the right address,but you are all invited!

Crystal said...

I'm so glad I ran into you at the hospital! He really is a beautiful baby! Congrats again!!!

sarah said...

2 pushes? what? JEALOUS!!!!!!
Can't wait to see the little guy...sounds adorable...and with you as a mom- are we really suprised?
I want to come see you!

Jeff and Brandi said...

I'm dying for some pics of this little man. I want to come by sometime in the next week if you are up for visitors. I'll give you a call!

Burdick Family said...

COngratulations! I'm glad to hear everything went well. Jim says to tell Chase "hi" and "congrats on the new little dude."