4th of July

My little Salt and Pepper boys
This 4th of July I busted out my new double stroller and we hit up the Hidden Oaks parade and breakfast. It started at 9:00am. I honestly had to get up at 6:30am to nurse and get myself, Jax and Ben ready. Early activities aren'y very easy with 2 babies.
Most of the parade going crew eating breakfast...Milo couldn't turn to look at the camera because he was too busy eating a whole pancake!
Chase and Jax
Proof that Ben was showing his patriotism at the parade.

Jax couldn't have had more fun walking around the neighborhood park and playing on the swing set. Party!

Me and Jax. Jax thought these horses in the parade were the coolest thing ever.


Scott & Summer said...

Goldie, you look so good!!! I seriously hate people that look like they never even had a baby.

The Morales Family said...

Goldie- your boys are so cute! We should all get together and let the little ones play! Congrats on the new baby! So cute!!!

Jobi Niu said...

Crazy how after you have a new baby, Jax looks so much older.. YOur boys are so dang cute!! WOW. You & Chase look GREAT! NO WAY did you JUST have a baby..

Amy said...

how is chase? better? i hope so! i love ben's hair, so cute! i agree with everyone, you look great! i'm crossing my fingers that the same thing happens to me.

Austin and Andrea said...

Ohhhh fun!!! Awesome that your already back to your pre-baby body you skinny butt. Looks like chase is feeling better. If you want another early morning activity - come to the steel days parade at our house this weekend :) We still need to see Ben...holy cow. Soon. Just waiting for Chase to get over the swine ya know? Okay see you soon!