Good Things Utah

Last week I went with my mom, sisters, cousins, and aunts to a recording of Good Things Utah. The show is kinda lame, but it was definately a good time once we busted out our cameras.

Sondra, my mom, and Lori preparing for the morning news.
Chey, Me, Katie (Please forgive my figure. I am having the baby in one week...)
My lifelong dream is fulfilled in this photo. I guess now that I have sat in this seat and pretended to be a news anchor, I can check it off my list.

The whole crew including the stars of the show.

Me, whatever her name is, Karen, my mom, Reagen, Katie, Chey.
Good Things Utah...Where the good things are!!


Beck said...

So dont mind that I saw you on the day you were there. I never really And yes I did rewind it to make sure it was you. By the way you look AMAZING!! I cannot believe you are about to have a baby. Seriously you are BEAUTIFUL!! Good luck with everything.

Heather Lee said...

Goldie, you look great under those lights. And what? Are you really having a baby in 8 days? I am breathing deeply for you. But I can't tell you enough, use my services.

Konold's said...

Hi Goldie! I got that basket at Michael's. They always have them and they have several colors. I love mine, too! They are perfect! I can't wait to see pictures of baby Ben!!!

Scott & Summer said...

Goldie, good luck next week. I am sure that everything is going to go great and you will have so much fun with two little boys. I started a blogg. scottandsummer.blogspot.com.

reno and mel said...

You look way too good for being nine months pregnant!! Good luck with everything. I'll be watching for pictures of your cute baby!

Austin and Andrea said...

Chase said you are having the baby TOMORROW! Holy cow. A little bit earlier than the 29th, which I'm sure thrills you! EXCITING!!! Just wanted to tell you good luck! We'll see you when you are a mom of TWO!

Mom said...

Could we please see a photo of Mr. Ben, PLEASE???? Love, your stalking neighbor, Pam :)

Amy said...

hey let's get some info and pictures of ben!!! i'm so happy for you!

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Hey that was so fun to hear your delivery story, I love those! So I was laughing so hard at your "good things utah" post, you are such a dork and so hilarious, I love it! "This is Goldie with Good things Utah....where the good things are...." much love, goldie! You belong under those lights with your awesome one liners!

ha ha