Good Things Utah

Last week I went with my mom, sisters, cousins, and aunts to a recording of Good Things Utah. The show is kinda lame, but it was definately a good time once we busted out our cameras.

Sondra, my mom, and Lori preparing for the morning news.
Chey, Me, Katie (Please forgive my figure. I am having the baby in one week...)
My lifelong dream is fulfilled in this photo. I guess now that I have sat in this seat and pretended to be a news anchor, I can check it off my list.

The whole crew including the stars of the show.

Me, whatever her name is, Karen, my mom, Reagen, Katie, Chey.
Good Things Utah...Where the good things are!!


The Date Is Set!!

Well, I decided that being induced is the thing for me.  I have been really torn about whether I should set the induction date or have mother nature decide the day that Ben will join our little family.  Induction won.  

I feel like the last month or so of this pregnancy has been a roller coaster, and my leg hurts!!  I am just ready to be done with this and move on the the next event.  We have a family reunion with the Gunderson's that starts the day after I could officially get induced.  And since we hardly ever see most of them because they live out of state, I am going to suffer through an extra 4 days so we can see everyone.

My induction is only going to be 2 days before my due date, but since I went 5 days over with Jax, I am more than alright with it.

June 29, 2009 is the big day!!

28 days and counting....