He did it! Oh my gosh, it was the lonest 10 day wait ever. We went to the ENT Specialist ten days before he could finally get tubes. I have felt so bad for this little dude. He just grabs his ears all day long.
Tuesday morning we had to be at the hospital at 7:15am, which was good becuase Jax had to be fasting for the anesthesia. I was glad he didn't have to wait long because he never eats breakfast before then anyway. We were totally done with everything and home by 8:30am. He did so well. Dr. Heras said that both ears were TERRIBLE. She had to suction out a bunch of fluid and infection from both ears before she could put the tubes in.
The worst part is when they bring them back to you after the surgery. Oh my gosh! He was mad. It was really sad. But, it soon went away. By that afternoon he was honestly a new man. He usually polietly goes to bed at 9:30pm. Well, now that he is actually feeling well and isn't in pain, he is as hyper as ever. At 11:00pm he was not even thinking about his long past bedtime and was sprinting up and down the hall.
Chase and I both said that we wanted to take him back and have the tubes removed! We wanted our early sleeper back!!! Chase was like, "They ruined him!" Haha Of course, we were only kidding. The poor little guy was seriously so relieved to not be in pain. The next morning he woke up and immediately started jumping on the bed laughing. I couldn't help but laugh at the serious change in this little dude.
Jax will go back in for a hearing test in about 2 weeks. However, I feel like I have noticed a serious change in his hearing already. He seems to be trying to "talk" more, responds to me talking to him much better, and has become a master at saying "hi" to everyone. I am SO glad that we got tubes! I really think that the poor little guy hasn't been able to hear much. I think they have already made the world of difference in his hearing.
After the surgery...he was SO sad. The Nilla Wafers and bottle really helped though! :)

Jax's before shot. I about died at how cute his little hospital gown was. I wanted to steal it, take it home, and put him in it every time he was feeling sick. haha Chase, however, said that was inappropriate.


Austin and Andrea said...

I'm glad everything went okay with the tubes. That's so good. Funny about how hyper he is now!!! Good luck haha.

That is so scary about the TIA. And you were having such good pregnancies too.... good to keep us updated. Austin and I were worried :) Good luck with the neurologist!

brooke c jackson said...

i need him, in that hospital gown,

i am so glad he is already feeling so much better.
i want to smoosh him.. tubes and all!

Heather Lee said...

yay! I'm so glad everything went well. I love that photo of him in the hospital gown, I totally would have stuffed it in my bag. After paying $3500+ to those hospitals I feel entitled.
Keep me updated with his progress. And yours!

maggie said...

oh golds, you have had a rough few weeks! glad everything went well & hope you are feeling better!

sarah said...

i'm so glad that things seem to be looking up. that hospital gown is more than i can handle... i totally would've stolen it!