Summer Fun

Two days ago Jax and I went to the pool.  He was in heaven.  I, however, felt like I had the most intense cardio workout of my life chasing this little kid around from kiddie pool to big pool.   Our pool is perfect for him because there is a little kiddie pool that is 6 inches on one side and only goes to 1 foot 6 inches on the other.  Heaven.

What else is heaven?  This swimsuit!!!

As you can see from the open mouthed smile, he was lovin' it.  
And here's the smile again...



sarah said...

ok... so you totally moved...and I so haven't talked to you about it!!!
we definitely need to catch up... hope you can come on saturday (except you'll be your darling pregnant self and i'm a freaking whale!)
jax's swimsuit is priceless! i'm in love.

heidi said...

Where in the world did you find swim trunks for him like that? They are adorable. I have to have some for Cash!