Well, my "weirdness" has finally received a diagnosis.  After spending an hour in Labor and Delivery with everything looking perfect, I still didn't feel right.  I felt like something serious had, in fact, happened, and I wanted to figure out exactly what it was. 

Friday morning I called into my doctor and talked with a nurse.  I told her about my blurred vision, my slurred speech, the numbness on the right side of my body, and my terrible headache.  She also seemed to think I should just do nothing unless it happened again.  I (thanks to my very nervous personality) was still feeling unsettled.  She asked me if it would make me feel better to go in that day and talk to a doctor.  I, of course, said yes.

After explaining to my doctor everything that had happened, he immediately gave me my diagnosis.  I am not sure why the 4 others I had talked to seemed clueless because he knew exactly what was going on instantly.  I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).  This is sort of compared to a mini stroke.  I know, it sounds pretty intense, and I guess it is.  I honestly didn't think the word stroke was even in the vocabulary of anyone under 50!  

A TIA happens when blood flow is blocked for some reason (usually a blood clot) in a part of the brain.  You have stroke-like symptoms, but they don't last long.  With a stroke the blood flow is blocked, stays blocked, and causes permanent damage to the brain.  With a TIA, the blood flow is blocked just for a short time and then begins to flow again leaving no permanent damage.

So, I guess this is pretty scary.  I think I am scared.  But, also there isn't much that I can do about it.  People who have a TIA usually have a stroke sometime in the near future.  That definitely scares me.  But, at the same time people have a TIA and never have a full blown stroke.  I am definitely hoping for the latter.  There isn't too much you can do to prevent it either.  They say don't smoke - check.  Don't drink - check.  Exercise - check.

My doctor was pretty funny when we were talking about it though.  He said, "You know, this could just be something strange that is happening with your nervous system while you are pregnant.  This is why you don't have ten children.  There comes a point where you just say, 'Enough.  Pregnancy is just too weird!"  That lightened the mood.

I am going to see a neurologist this week.  Hopefully we can figure out what the deal is to prevent a full blown stroke from happening.  A lot of times a stroke happens within a year of a TIA so, I am hoping we figure out what the cause was and avoid going down that road.  As for my baby, he is fine.  That always makes you feel better when you are pregnant!

I guess that I can now stop saying that I never get sick!


Beck said...

That is pretty scary woman. Take care of yourself. And if you ever need anything let us know. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch Jax for you so you can relax. Mama Brinn would be in heaven so think about it!!

kennan said...

are you kidding? ser.... that is very scary. i love you too much for you to have a stroke, so stop it. good news is that the karen/pam lines are open so i get all the information in a hurry. i love your guts. take care and stop stroking.


Nicole said...

I am so glad that you are okay!

ScottandKristenJohnson said...

So that is the scariest thing I have heard in a while. I hope that you can figure everything out and that you know that I am always here if you need ANYTHING!!! Please let me know, and take care of yourself.

georgeandmarie said...

WOW! That is so crazy! Take care of yourself and be careful!! Good Luck!!

brooke c jackson said...

all i can say is


you freak me out Grandma Billie.

No more strokes