Where's Jax's Belly Button?

Proof that he can hear.
Proof that he knows body parts.
Proof that he is the cutest little boy I know.
I am one proud mama!!!


Dear Baby Ben,

Could you please move off my sciatic nerve?  It really is not the most comfortable place in this womb of mine.  You are causing me constant pain that I just don't think I can endure for 5 more weeks.

If there is any way you could do a quick rearranging of your little baby body in my belly away from my sciatic nerve, it would be much appreciated.

Love, Mom

I am in PAIN!!!  I am not kidding when I tell you that I have been limping for 3 days straight.  I can't walk.  I know that I look ridiculous.  I am 8 months pregnant.  I am trying to maneuver my big belly while carrying a 16 month old.  AND, to top it all off I am dragging my left leg because Ben is laying right on my sciatic nerve.

Someone please help!!!  I went to the doctor today and he showed me some stupid pelvic thrust exercise move.  I am pretty sure that is not going to help.  He told me the only cure is to just have the baby.  Great...

This pregnancy started out WONDERFUL.  I mean honestly, there isn't much you can complain about when you find out you are pregnant at 18 weeks!  But, the last leg of the pregnancy just might get the best of me.  I had all of the weird nerve, numbing, migraine  business two weeks ago.  Now, I am literally dragging my left leg when I walk.  And, did I mention that I am always so HOT??!!!  Seriously, this 80 degree weather is feeling closer to 180!  

Well, just thought I would complain a little...as if I haven't complained enough.  Poor Chase.  I am sure that I am not the most pleasant to live with when I am pregnant.  I guess I am not the only one who is counting down the days unit this baby is here.


Neurologist Update

Well, in the last week I have been to three doctors appointments.  How exciting.  On Saturday I had to get a brain MRI.  If you have never had the wonderful opportunity of getting an MRI, count yourself lucky.  It is the WORST thing ever.  Not to mention, being 33 weeks pregnant doesn't make it any more comfortable.  I even asked the technician if she thought I would get stuck because of my belly.  Thankfully, she said I would be just fine.

Not only did I have to go in the tube for 20 minutes and try not to move, I had a plastic cage put around my head (because it was an MRI of my brain) to make it feel even more impossible to breathe.  I thought I was seriously going to have an anxiety attack. 

I had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday to review the brain MRI...everything looked perfect.  That means, I didn't have a stroke and I didn't have a TIA.  

For the last week I have been having numbing on my right side of the body - face, arm, and leg - that lasts about an hour or so.  I haven't had any of the other symptoms (headache, blurred vision, or slurred speech) since the first 'episode', if you will.  About 5 days ago my neurologist gave me three "natural medications" to take.  Since I am pregnant medicating me is quite a bit more difficult.  Since I have been taking the medication I have had zero numbing.  Thank goodness.

Well, at my doctor appointment yesterday, he concluded that all the symptoms are from a combination of migraines and pregnancy hormones.....  Kinda interesting, considering that I only had a headache the first day and never again.  But, I will take that diagnosis for sure!  It is much less dramatic than the other alternatives.

My doctor is pretty confident that my pregnancy is what has brought on all of this craziness.  I should be totally fine and the  baby should be fine too.  I have to continue with the medication until the baby is born.  Then, he believes, once this baby is born and I am no longer pregnant, all numbing, migraines, and anything else weird will cease.

So, in all, everything is much less serious than I thought the first time I went to the doctor and was told I was having a TIA.  After paying A LOT in medical bills this last month, I am so grateful that it shouldn't be too serious and hopefully will be totally over in 7 weeks when I have the baby.  I am also so grateful for fasting, prayer, and the preisthood because I know that these are the reasons why this turn for the better happened so quickly.


Summer Fun

Two days ago Jax and I went to the pool.  He was in heaven.  I, however, felt like I had the most intense cardio workout of my life chasing this little kid around from kiddie pool to big pool.   Our pool is perfect for him because there is a little kiddie pool that is 6 inches on one side and only goes to 1 foot 6 inches on the other.  Heaven.

What else is heaven?  This swimsuit!!!

As you can see from the open mouthed smile, he was lovin' it.  
And here's the smile again...


Sibling Rivalry

This baby bouncer was out the other day and Jax thought it still belonged to him - even if he is bordering on breaking the weight limit.  I think that in just 7 short weeks this little man is going to have a rude awakening.  I am beginning to think more and more that he isn't going to like his little brother so much.



He did it! Oh my gosh, it was the lonest 10 day wait ever. We went to the ENT Specialist ten days before he could finally get tubes. I have felt so bad for this little dude. He just grabs his ears all day long.
Tuesday morning we had to be at the hospital at 7:15am, which was good becuase Jax had to be fasting for the anesthesia. I was glad he didn't have to wait long because he never eats breakfast before then anyway. We were totally done with everything and home by 8:30am. He did so well. Dr. Heras said that both ears were TERRIBLE. She had to suction out a bunch of fluid and infection from both ears before she could put the tubes in.
The worst part is when they bring them back to you after the surgery. Oh my gosh! He was mad. It was really sad. But, it soon went away. By that afternoon he was honestly a new man. He usually polietly goes to bed at 9:30pm. Well, now that he is actually feeling well and isn't in pain, he is as hyper as ever. At 11:00pm he was not even thinking about his long past bedtime and was sprinting up and down the hall.
Chase and I both said that we wanted to take him back and have the tubes removed! We wanted our early sleeper back!!! Chase was like, "They ruined him!" Haha Of course, we were only kidding. The poor little guy was seriously so relieved to not be in pain. The next morning he woke up and immediately started jumping on the bed laughing. I couldn't help but laugh at the serious change in this little dude.
Jax will go back in for a hearing test in about 2 weeks. However, I feel like I have noticed a serious change in his hearing already. He seems to be trying to "talk" more, responds to me talking to him much better, and has become a master at saying "hi" to everyone. I am SO glad that we got tubes! I really think that the poor little guy hasn't been able to hear much. I think they have already made the world of difference in his hearing.
After the surgery...he was SO sad. The Nilla Wafers and bottle really helped though! :)

Jax's before shot. I about died at how cute his little hospital gown was. I wanted to steal it, take it home, and put him in it every time he was feeling sick. haha Chase, however, said that was inappropriate.



Well, my "weirdness" has finally received a diagnosis.  After spending an hour in Labor and Delivery with everything looking perfect, I still didn't feel right.  I felt like something serious had, in fact, happened, and I wanted to figure out exactly what it was. 

Friday morning I called into my doctor and talked with a nurse.  I told her about my blurred vision, my slurred speech, the numbness on the right side of my body, and my terrible headache.  She also seemed to think I should just do nothing unless it happened again.  I (thanks to my very nervous personality) was still feeling unsettled.  She asked me if it would make me feel better to go in that day and talk to a doctor.  I, of course, said yes.

After explaining to my doctor everything that had happened, he immediately gave me my diagnosis.  I am not sure why the 4 others I had talked to seemed clueless because he knew exactly what was going on instantly.  I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).  This is sort of compared to a mini stroke.  I know, it sounds pretty intense, and I guess it is.  I honestly didn't think the word stroke was even in the vocabulary of anyone under 50!  

A TIA happens when blood flow is blocked for some reason (usually a blood clot) in a part of the brain.  You have stroke-like symptoms, but they don't last long.  With a stroke the blood flow is blocked, stays blocked, and causes permanent damage to the brain.  With a TIA, the blood flow is blocked just for a short time and then begins to flow again leaving no permanent damage.

So, I guess this is pretty scary.  I think I am scared.  But, also there isn't much that I can do about it.  People who have a TIA usually have a stroke sometime in the near future.  That definitely scares me.  But, at the same time people have a TIA and never have a full blown stroke.  I am definitely hoping for the latter.  There isn't too much you can do to prevent it either.  They say don't smoke - check.  Don't drink - check.  Exercise - check.

My doctor was pretty funny when we were talking about it though.  He said, "You know, this could just be something strange that is happening with your nervous system while you are pregnant.  This is why you don't have ten children.  There comes a point where you just say, 'Enough.  Pregnancy is just too weird!"  That lightened the mood.

I am going to see a neurologist this week.  Hopefully we can figure out what the deal is to prevent a full blown stroke from happening.  A lot of times a stroke happens within a year of a TIA so, I am hoping we figure out what the cause was and avoid going down that road.  As for my baby, he is fine.  That always makes you feel better when you are pregnant!

I guess that I can now stop saying that I never get sick!