A Weird Day

Yesterday I had a weird day.  It started out normal.  I had three students who are homeschooled that I tutored in the morning.  I was feeling great until about the last 10 minutes of the third student.  He was reading to me and all of a sudden my vision began to blur.  I had what I can only explain as a bunch of bright, blindspots in front of my eyes.  I was reading with him and couldn't really see the book anymore.  

We finished up about 15 minutes later, and I seemed fine.  I drove back to my mom's to pick-up Jax.  When I got there I went outside to talk with my mom and Amber.  My vision seemed fine, but all of a sudden I couldn't speak.  It was like my memory of words was totally gone.  I couldn't get one sentence out.  I would spit out a few random words that had nothing to do with what I was trying to say.  They both stared at me like I was crazy.  This was the absolute craziest feeling in the world.

I was trying to remember Amber's little boy Milo's name and couldn't for the life of me.  Then, I walked inside and picked up a Ritz cracker and had to ask my mom what it was called because I wanted to know and couldn't think of the name.  And, for some reason I was so concerned about what the name of one of my parent's neighbors was that I couldn't remember.  It was freaky.

But, about 15 minutes later, I was speaking fine and the word memory loss and slurred speech were gone.  All the while, I had this POUNDING headache that couldn't be controlled.  So, after my vision and speech seem to be okay, my right hand goes completely numb.  I was still holding some crackers with my right hand and couldn't find my mouth with the numb hand.  Not to mention, about 5 minutes later, the right side of my nose went entirely numb.  Very strange.

Well, after about another 15 minutes, the numbing was gone and all that remained was the splitting headache.  The headache stayed for a few hours.  Nothing else came back.  Chase called me during his lunch break, and I told him about all these weird things that happened.  He told me I needed to call my doctor immediately.  So, I did.

I talked to the nurse and explained the situation.  She then talked to my doctor and called me back.  They had me go to the hospital for a Non-Stress Test (NST).  So, I left Jax with my mom and headed to Labor and Delivery.  I was there for about an hour and a half.  They hooked me up to a bunch of machines to watch me and the baby.  They drew my blood - and I didn't even cry (which is big for me)!  

After monitoring me for an hour, everything with the NST was totally normal, which makes it even more strange.  However, all of these things are possible symptoms for preeclampsia.  Oh, yay.  But, my blood pressure is totally normal so, I don't have preeclampsia - just all the weirdness that goes with it, I guess.  I didn't want there to be a problem, but there is nothing that can embarrass you like having a dramatic entrance to Labor and Delivery and leaving with a clean bill of health.

The doctor told me to very carefully monitor for any of these symptoms if they return, since preeclampsia can only be cured by delivery and means that you have to have your baby early so nobody is at risk.  I seriously never have health issues.  I never get sick.  But, I feel like lately it is just one health thing after another!  Hopefully these symptoms don't return and the preeclampsia doesn't come in full swing.  I would really love for Ben to stay in my belly as long as possible...of course that means not a MINUTE after his due date!


Jacque said...

GOLDIE! I guarantee you had amild stroke! Those are all the things that happened to my mom when she had hers! I'm scared! I will probably keep ckecking up on you! Only because I love you and that baby in your belly!!

Austin and Andrea said...

What? That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I hope everything is okay. That's freaking scary!!! I saw your mom, cheyenne, nick, and jax at the grocery store yesterday. They told me you were at the doc. That must have been what it was for. Be careful!

Jacque said...

You know me. I have to read up on everything. I've done a lot of research tonight. My non-educated guess (simply put: I am not a doctor) is Migrainous Infarction.
It's basically a stroke attacks with the onset of a migraine. Infarction means stroke, so basicall you experienced a "migraine-induced stroke".
The ONLY way they can find a stroke is if the do a CT scan or an MRI. I will probably call you anyway tomorrow if you don't call me first.

sarah said...

Ok..so Golds...the whole time I was reading this, I could relate. I used to get really bad migraines and your symptoms were the warning signs before one would hit. Sometimes I'd not even have a headache when all that wierd stuff was happening, but eventually it'd come. Obviously with the pregnancy there's the liklihood of it being 9999 other things...but sounds freakishly like when I'm getting a beast of a headache. (p.s. losing your memory and ability to speak---not so great.) Good luck..hope it's nothing serious.