To Induce or Not to Induce?

You might think it is a little premature to be thinking about being induced, but it's time.  I went to the doctor yesterday, and he told me that at my next appointment they would schedule my induction if I wanted.  I have moved up in the pregnancy world and am now having appointments with the doc every two weeks.  So, I have 12 days now to decide.

On your second baby my doctor will induce you a week early.  Ahh, a week less of pregnancy.  How wonderful!  And, in my case, it could actually be saving me 12 days of pregnancy if I follow the same schedule as I did with Jax.  To anyone carrying an extra 20 pounds, that sounds like the greatest thing in the world.

My doctor told me that you usually do the same thing you did with your last baby, just with a faster delivery.  With Jax I went 5 days over my due date.  I am not exactly looking to do that again.  I signed up for 9 months.  No longer.

So, I asked the doctor the risks of induction.  He said that since they only induce you a week early, there are pretty much no risks for the baby.  The only risk is that your cervix isn't ready, doesn't do anything, and you have to have a c-section.  Not really interested in that.

Chase doesn't think that I should be induced.  He thinks that the baby will come when it is ready - even if that is a few days after the doctor says your due.  He just thinks it is best to let it happen naturally.  I can't decide.

We will be going on a little weekend family reunion with Chase's family the weekend I could be induced.  Don't worry, we will only be 45 minutes from my hospital.  So, I would schedule my induction for either Sunday June 28th - just 3 days before my due date or Monday, June 29th - just 2 days before my due date.  But, like I said, I have a history of going over.

So, the question is: to induce or not to induce?  SHould I just stick it out for another week?  Or, should I kiss this pregnant belly goodbye as soon as possible in the miserable summer heat? Any suggestions?


Burdick Family said...

Hi Goldie- Thought I would share my thought on inductions. Funny that you posted that today because my sister-in-law is supposed to be induced this morning (a week early), but the hospital is too busy so they put her on hold. She is going crazy waiting. Anyway, I was induced with both of my kids because of pre-eclampsia. Carter was 2 weeks early and Elly 3 weeks. With Carter, after they started the pit I went so fast there was no time for an epidural. With Elly, she flipped after they gave me my epidural so I ended up having to have a c-section. I'm torn about your dilemma, because I know how miserable the last month of pregnancy is, and you just want to get the baby OUT! But, there is something to be said about just letting the baby come when he's ready. To make a long story short, I guess I'm really no help. Either way, things will work out just fine! Good luck!

maggie said...

I was induced with Miles and it was a dream come true! It was so nice to be able to kind of plan and have everything ready and taken care of before hand because you know when you are going in. And even if you have it scheduled, if you aren't thin enough or dilated enough, they usually won't let you be induced. (but I am totally into epidurals and medicine, so if you talk to some hypno-birther, they will tell you it will kill you and your baby, so it depends on the person!)
But I loved being induced and had no problems at all and the delivery was smoother than smooth!
so there's my 2 cents!

Ashley said...

INDUCE! If I was given the option there's no doubt that's what I would do. I think that if the doctor says there is no risk then why not? Then again, I am supposed to be having my baby in four weeks and all I can think about is getting it out of me right now!

Austin and Andrea said...

Obviously I am not too familiar with the pregnancy/baby stuff. -9 on my baby test???? So I don't know what it is like carrying an extra 20 pounds, but I wouldn't induce (I don't think??) I think the baby comes when it's ready, and it's more exciting that way. I'm all about not knowing!

sarah said...

i see your debate!
being able to schedule the date...almost priceless! however, annie was induced with max and didn't have the best experience. ended up with a c-section and lots o' complications from that- so inducing scares me a bit.
truthfully....a week or two to wait isn't THAT long to avoid complications that COULD happen... but there's lots of times it's just fine too.... so-I'M NO HELP!