Happy Easter

Every year we go to the annual Carlson Easter Party the Saturday before Easter.  It was, as always, wonderful.  It was quite a difficult trip down to Price.  Jax pooed all over his clothes at Chase's work just before we left.  Then, he threw up all over himself while we were driving up Spanish Fork Canyon.  But, once we finally arrived, things went a little more smoothly.
Jax and Char
The Easter Bunny himself.  Obviously Jax had to show up to the Easter party in a bunny suit.  What kind of Easter party doesn't have an Easter Bunny?
Chase and the Easter Bunny


Renae said...

Hey, Chase looks buff! Jax looks pretty stinkin cute too. Glad you had a fun easter!

Heather Lee said...

what a cute Easter Bunny! Let's do something soon, the weather is oh so nice.