Easter Egg Hunt

Chase's mom put out some Easter eggs for Jax and Char to find on Easter.  They both took their little Easter baskets out and hit the hunt.  Char obediently walked around gathering eggs and putting them in her basket.  Jax, on the other hand, found out that the eggs had candy in them and one was enough - as you can tell from the chocolate on his face.  Char had to help him fill his Easter basket so he didn't go home empty handed.  What a sweet cousin!!
He found the M&Ms inside!!!

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Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Wow, little Jax man is such a handsome boy already! How are you feeling with your pregnancy that you knew about for 2 weeks? Speaking of... have you ever seen on TLC "I didn't know I was pregnant?" yes, you should watch that you could relate. I am still way jealous about that....

love you!