This last week has been so nice!  The sun has finally been shining.  Amber and I were determined to get Jax and Roen outside to play.  My mom's swing set was as far as we got.  But, we had fun nonetheless...as you can tell from Jax's face.
My cousin Hailey Holmstead played in the 5A State basketball tournament.  (Which, by the way, her team totally won and she was named the 5A State MVP.)  We were pretty dedicated tournament fans.  This is Jax and my dad watching the game - notice Jax is in appropriate Caveman colors!
About 2 weeks about Chase, Jax, and I went to St. George.  The weather was suppose to be great, but turned out rainy.  But, the rain didn't stop Jax from sporting his European, spandex swimwear.  It was sorta disappointing.  The ride down was, however, quite eventful.  Jax ate his first hamburger - which he loved.  Then, he pooed all over himself and the carseat.  Finally, he threw up all over the restaurant Chase and I ate at that night...how exciting.

Also, as shown by this picture Jax is walking like a champ.  He's been walking for like 3 1/2 weeks now.  But, the last week or so he has really taken off.  He is really sturdy and has great balance.  Sometimes when he is really excited and gets in a hurry he will attempt to break into a dead run.  It is so cute!  I am now relieved that he will be able to for sure walk when the next little boy joins our family in 4 short (short for anyone who isn't pregnant) months!!


Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Jax looks so big standing up! What a little stinkin cutie... How fun that you got to play outside already, Man I wish it was warm enough up here for that.
Love ya!

Jacque said...

We need to get together and have Charlotte and Jax play! We go for a walk and up to the park every day!

annie and jared said...

Wow Goldie, i can't believe how fast he started walking!! he is a sturdy little lad isn't he? Hey, just to let you know so you can mark it on your calendar... Sarah's shower is going to be Saturday May 16th at 1:00. Can't wait to see everyone.