The Big Race

Jax has a new obsession.  The Big Race is his new favorite thing in the world.  He demands that this book is read to him at least 5 times a day.  But, the cutest part about it is that he prefers Chase read to him.  He will settle with me if Chase isn't home, but I am definitely not his first choice.  If for some reason Chase is unavailable to read, Jax will bring me the book.  But, after about 2 pages he is over it.  Chase, on the other hand, has to read the book over and over.

No matter where this book is hidden, Jax will find it, pick it up, carry it over to Chase, and then reach for Chase to pick him up and start reading.  It is the cutest thing ever!  Poor Chase is getting really sick of Lightning McQueen, but Jax is in heaven.


Heather Lee said...

you Holmsteads and your obsession with snorting things up your nose. I may have to give it a whirl, although I am feeling a bit better.
I love the book reading, that is so cute. Everytime I look at Jax I just want to give him smooshes.
Holland will go pick out a book off her shelf (I gave her a shelf near the bottom) crawl over to me with it in her hand (yes still crawling) and say "booook booook" and back her little rump up and sit in my lap. I seriously LOVE it. Then I tell her to go pick out another book and it happens over and over again.

Heather Lee said...

ps get better soon so we can hang out. Oh how I can't wait until we are relaxing beneath the cabana's with homemade margaritas...virgin.

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

That is so cute! He is the best! I love that little man

Janelle said...

Holy Shamoly!!! You both look so great! i love the tiny prego belly and Chase is Mister Fit!!! And let's not forget Jax and how big he's getting! I love it and miss you guys both!