Tonight Chase and I started a new babysitting swap.  Every other weekend we get to go on a date while Tigh and Jacque watch Jax, and the weeks we don't go out we watch Charlotte so they can go out.  Jax and Char are only 3 months apart so, I think it is going to be fun for everyone.  Tonight was our first night.  These two were so cute together.  I think they look like they could be twins!  If anyone saw me with both of them and this pregnant belly they would think I was crazy!  It looks like I have one year old twins and am almost 6 months pregnant....now that would be crazy.  But, we will gladly have "twins" every other weekend.

Jax and Char had fun with each other.  It was funny how if one started crying the other would immediately join in.  They play really well together.  Jax is a little more aggressive than Char, but it works out.

Our babysitting was a success.  However, at 10:00pm I was the only one left awake...CHASE INCLUDED!!

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