The Big Race

Jax has a new obsession.  The Big Race is his new favorite thing in the world.  He demands that this book is read to him at least 5 times a day.  But, the cutest part about it is that he prefers Chase read to him.  He will settle with me if Chase isn't home, but I am definitely not his first choice.  If for some reason Chase is unavailable to read, Jax will bring me the book.  But, after about 2 pages he is over it.  Chase, on the other hand, has to read the book over and over.

No matter where this book is hidden, Jax will find it, pick it up, carry it over to Chase, and then reach for Chase to pick him up and start reading.  It is the cutest thing ever!  Poor Chase is getting really sick of Lightning McQueen, but Jax is in heaven.


Goldie's Bump Watch

Well, here I am....26 weeks along with Baby Ben.

This belly of mine is certainly growing and so is my sweet little boy.  It is kinda interesting to be pregnant a second time because you can tell, at least I can, when the baby is getting bigger - which I didn't really feel as much in my first pregnancy.  His little butterfly movements are now turning into full body stretches and flips.

I am going to the doctor today.  I have bittersweet feelings about my appointments.  I love them because I get to hear his heartbeat and hear how he is doing.  But, then there is the scale.  I am going to be honest and admit that I have been thinking about that stupid thing all day.  I hate getting weighed when I am pregnant.  I know, I know you are supposed to gain weight.  But, it still doesn't make it feel good to watch yourself go into the next set of ten, then the next set of ten....  I've actually talked to quite a few girls who get on the scale backward so they just have no idea and tell their doctor to just let them know if anything unhealthy is going on with their weight gain...a definite possibility...

Well, just about three more months to go...



Chase deserves a post all to himself.  I think everyone should admire this picture of him because he has just LOST 41 POUNDS!!!  I honestly can't believe it.  I have never seen anyone more dedicated to a diet.  I personally think it was a rude time to turn into a fitness buff...right as I am getting a huge pregnant belly. :)  But, he is a skinny, hottie nonetheless!!


Tonight Chase and I started a new babysitting swap.  Every other weekend we get to go on a date while Tigh and Jacque watch Jax, and the weeks we don't go out we watch Charlotte so they can go out.  Jax and Char are only 3 months apart so, I think it is going to be fun for everyone.  Tonight was our first night.  These two were so cute together.  I think they look like they could be twins!  If anyone saw me with both of them and this pregnant belly they would think I was crazy!  It looks like I have one year old twins and am almost 6 months pregnant....now that would be crazy.  But, we will gladly have "twins" every other weekend.

Jax and Char had fun with each other.  It was funny how if one started crying the other would immediately join in.  They play really well together.  Jax is a little more aggressive than Char, but it works out.

Our babysitting was a success.  However, at 10:00pm I was the only one left awake...CHASE INCLUDED!!



This last week has been so nice!  The sun has finally been shining.  Amber and I were determined to get Jax and Roen outside to play.  My mom's swing set was as far as we got.  But, we had fun nonetheless...as you can tell from Jax's face.
My cousin Hailey Holmstead played in the 5A State basketball tournament.  (Which, by the way, her team totally won and she was named the 5A State MVP.)  We were pretty dedicated tournament fans.  This is Jax and my dad watching the game - notice Jax is in appropriate Caveman colors!
About 2 weeks about Chase, Jax, and I went to St. George.  The weather was suppose to be great, but turned out rainy.  But, the rain didn't stop Jax from sporting his European, spandex swimwear.  It was sorta disappointing.  The ride down was, however, quite eventful.  Jax ate his first hamburger - which he loved.  Then, he pooed all over himself and the carseat.  Finally, he threw up all over the restaurant Chase and I ate at that night...how exciting.

Also, as shown by this picture Jax is walking like a champ.  He's been walking for like 3 1/2 weeks now.  But, the last week or so he has really taken off.  He is really sturdy and has great balance.  Sometimes when he is really excited and gets in a hurry he will attempt to break into a dead run.  It is so cute!  I am now relieved that he will be able to for sure walk when the next little boy joins our family in 4 short (short for anyone who isn't pregnant) months!!