I just finished vacuuming my house for the SECOND time today.  Apparently, Jax has really developed a love for the vacuum.  He use to take naps like a champ, but he is slowly transitioning from one nap to 2 naps....terrible!!  Anyway, he is still taking two naps most days, but is pretty dang hard to get to go to sleep.  However, I have found the cure.  I carry him over my shoulder and vacuum.  In no more than 5 minutes, the little dude is out like a light.  How funny is that.  Well, today was sorta a rough nap day.  So, that means that my house got vacuumed twice..right before each nap! 


Jacque said...

Char takes two naps a day, but doesn't fuss much! Next time she has a melt down, I will try your vacuuming secret! Silly boy.

Jacque said...
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