Baby Ben

Today I had an ultrasound of my little baby Ben.  There is nothing better than getting an ultrasound and having the doctor tell you that everything looks absolutely perfect.  That was music to my ears!  All of his organs are functioning correctly and the little man in looking like a million bucks.  As Dr. Melendez was doing the ultrasound he was like, "Wow!  This is one active baby.  You better get ready for this little guy.  He won't hold still for me to measure him."  Oh boy.  I thought Jax was as curious as they came, but it sounds like I am going to have my hands full with two little munchkins.

Ben weighs about 1 pound right now.  That is terrible to hear when I have gained much more than 1 pound!  I wanted him to be pushing like 10 pounds so I had an explanation for the weight gain!  But, lucky for us this little boy looks healthy and perfect.
Leg and Foot
Arm and Hand



I just finished vacuuming my house for the SECOND time today.  Apparently, Jax has really developed a love for the vacuum.  He use to take naps like a champ, but he is slowly transitioning from one nap to 2 naps....terrible!!  Anyway, he is still taking two naps most days, but is pretty dang hard to get to go to sleep.  However, I have found the cure.  I carry him over my shoulder and vacuum.  In no more than 5 minutes, the little dude is out like a light.  How funny is that.  Well, today was sorta a rough nap day.  So, that means that my house got vacuumed twice..right before each nap! 


21 Weeks Along

21 Weeks along with Jax's baby brother.

Can I just tell you that the belly really pops out a lot faster the 2nd time around?  When people tell you this, they are not kidding!!!

My New Life

This picture sums my life as a mom up in a nutshell.

~Fingerprints on any and all stainless steel appliances~
~Rubber bands around every cupboard~
~Finding this little man in every drawer~



Happy Birthday Jax!

Today Jax turned one!

It has been a bittersweet day for me.  Of course I am excited to celebrate my sweet little baby boy, but I have also been so sad that he is already a whole year old.  Last night I was rocking him to sleep and just bawled in the rocking chair holding him.  I was so sad that he is growing up so fast.  Then, I started feeling bad that I was already having another baby and won't just be able to give him all my attention.  That made the crying even worse.  Then, it all happened again today.  It has been a rough birthday.

This last year has been wonderful.  Jax has made our lives so happy.  I love being a mom so much, and this cute little dude could not be any sweeter.  I don't think you can explain a parent's love.  It is so much deeper than I ever imagined.  This little boy is in my every thought.  My life is lived to take care of him (and his dad).  
This morning I made Jax pancakes.  I tried to make him a pancake that was shaped like a one...turns out he got a BURNT pancake that actually looks like a TWO!!!  Oops...hopefully it is the thought that counts on this one.  He looks happy enough though.
Roen (pantless), Jax, Nanny
Jax is opening a present from my mom.  She also got this "Happy Birthday" headband for him to wear - which he wore all night long and didn't even care!
Milo, Chase, Jax

Jax really seemed to like his new bouncing zebra.
I love this picture!!  Char got on the zebra for a ride and when Jax tried to push her off she gave him a dirty look.  I love it!
Presents, presents, presents!  Jax's grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles sure spoiled him.  He does, however, look a little uncomfortable in his new hat! :)

My Very Own Birthday Cake

I made Jax his very own cake for the big first birthday.  He is just so cute!  At first he wasn't so sure about the cake...

...but, with one taste of the homemade deliciousness....
...he was all over it!

Happy Birthday baby boy.

I love you!


Superbowl Sunday!!

Although the Cardinals didn't win, we still had a fun time on Sunday.  Andrew and Jenna had everyone over to watch the game and eat LOTS of food.
Andrea, Me (with a belly to prove I am half way done with this pregnancy), Linzi, Lindsey, Jenna, and Crystal.
Here is the little dreamboat, Jax being held by Mike.  Jax was the only non-adult at the party.  As we were watching the game I realized that not only was I the only one there with a baby, no one else is even pregnant, and I am 1/2 way done with my second!!  What in the world were we thinking? :)
Jax refused to take a nap all afternoon.  I tried and tried.  But, of course he finally decided to give in during the fourth quarter, in Chase's arms, amongst all the noise - figures.
Here are all the boys:  Mike (holding Jax), Chase, Chad, Austin, Johnny, Jimmy, and Anderw doing his famous pose in the front.

Jax's New Trick

This is Jax's new trick - climbing on everything.  I thought that he was a safety hazard when he figured out how to open every cupboard and stand.  This is looking dangerous...